Mists of Akuma: Cursed Soul of the Scorpion Samurai

A 5th Edition OGL adventure for four to five PCs of 7th level set in the Mists of Akuma campaign setting.

A scourge has recently fallen upon the house of Lord Gabiru Fuson as his family’s servants began disappearing, one slain in the street by a fallen hero known as the Scorpion Samurai in a widely-talked of murder that has sparked a wave of public dissent and ridicule. The dishonored adopted son of Lord Gabiru has evaded authorities for years but the tide of blood his sword washes onto Soburin is growing ever higher—the adventurers are called upon by the Fuson bengoshi Yukari Nishioka in secret, brought into service to strike down the murderous brigand in an ambush she has set on Shōjiki Island. As they lay in wait however a local outcast brings information to light that reveals there may be other bait in the village of Shinjitsu…

Can he be saved or his foul plans stopped?


  • A tale of heartbreak, betrayal, and trickery set in an eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting (Mists of Akuma)
  • The story of Hinjuku Nagaro, dishonored orphan son and bloodsoaked warrior known as the Scorpion Samurai
  • Fully-statted Journal entries and tokens for all NPCs and Monsters appearing in the adventure
  • The continental map of Soburin by Michael McCarthy
  • Rules for the dangerous Mists of Akuma and the new misted condition, as well as the Haitoku and Dignity attributes
  • A compelling and action-filled adventure in 3 acts that take the PCs across the continent of Soburin before foiling a plan and possibly saving one of the world's most powerful nobles from certain doom
  • A total of 10 maps for random encounters, plot sequences, and settlements that play a significant role in the adventure
  • Tokens for PCs of every race that appears in Mists of Akuma (all 14) and the rules to play them
  • Through The Mists (an original musical composition by Nicholas J. Giebel specifically for Mists of Akuma) along with a dozen other tracks to keep the atmosphere for your game rooted in this eastern fantasy noir mystery!

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