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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Shadows of Eldolan

Author: Pelgrane Press

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

Price: $9.99

Watch a playthrough video of Shadows of Eldolan: Part 1 & Part 2

A short distance down the coast from the mighty city of Horizon, the town of Eldolan has its own problems. Students of the town’s three rival wizard schools constantly feud and create trouble for the town guard, the Silver Shields, who must clean up the wizards’ messes. The Council of Mages—who truly rule the town—involve themselves with stints of political one-upmanship that keeps any true political progress from moving forward. And rumors of people going missing have been on the rise, keeping the common folk close to the magically lighted streets when they go out at night. But a darkness has been growing in Eldolan, and those who seek old power have set plans in motion to remind everyone what true fear is.

Shadows of Eldolan is an introductory 13th Age adventure for 1st level heroes that provides a GM with a partially fleshed-out town setting full of intrigue. Whether you use it as a location to base adventures out of, or simply as a starting point for a campaign, it contains plot hooks and adventure options for any style of play.

This Roll20 Edition includes 11 full color maps, 38 unique character tokens, 12 pregenerated characters using the official 13th Age character sheet. 19 handouts have been written and organized specifically for the Roll20 Edition, making it possible to run the adventure entirely through the virtual tabletop. A PDF of the adventure is also included to assist GMs.

Author: Cal Moore
Roll20 Edition: Aaron Roudabush
Roll20 Edition Art: Cougar George

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