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Hell Mouth

Author: Red Table Games $4.99

A one session 5e adventure for 2nd & 3rd level PCs. Play it stand-alone or as the second adventure in The Watcher campaign.

'The ancient mountain-top fortress lies shattered; destroyed in a forgotten war of unimaginable ferocity.

The few surviving snippets of legend describe a heroic but futile defence by a small force of defenders, desperate to prevent the appalling Evil that they guarded from falling into the hands of sorcerers and demons.

But now a Blight is sweeping down from the ruins of Castle Agatta, driving men, birds and beasts before it, destroying every living thing in its path…'

Adventure Background

Centuries ago, Castle Agatta was overrun by an overwhelming force of sorcerers, demons and dragons. Their aim was to capture the Hell Mouth – a permanent portal capable of summoning demons into the World. They succeeded.

But the conflict between Good and Evil eventually subsided into stalemate, and the sorcerers constructed the dungeon below Castle Agatta to conceal and protect the Hell Mouth until they could use it again.

Now, after centuries of peace, the Forces of Good are weak and distracted. Evil is resurgent; the Hell Mouth has been re-activated, and once again it is summoning Lightning Demons into the World.

Adventure Overview

The PCs must breach the dungeon beneath Castle Agatta, overcome the automated defences, destroy the Hell Mouth, and kill all the Lightning Demons that have already been summoned.

Run 'Hell Mouth' as a standalone adventure or as the second part of The Watcher campaign - an epic Good vs Evil story arc in which the forces of Light battle desperately to thwart the Salmotepians - a fanatical sect of sorcerers and demon worshippers, hellbent on releasing their Demon God Salmotep into the World. (A sample party of 4 2nd level PCs is included.)

System: D&D 5e
Starting Level: 2
Length: One-shot
Features: Dynamic Lighting, Tokens with Stats, NPC Character Sheets, Pre-gen Character Sheets, Jukebox Integration

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