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Author: Red Table Games $4.99

A one session 5e adventure for 1st & 2nd level PCs. Play it stand-alone or as the first adventure in The Watcher campaign.

Eager to establish yourself as adventurers, you accepted an offer from the famous Captain Mortensen to sail as crew on his renowned merchant ship - Endeavour. And the pay is good too – 100gp up front and the same again at the end of the voyage. It’s only now that you are out at sea and can look around the abandoned crew quarters that you realise that apart from Captain Mortensen himself, you are the only crew on board…

‘Archmage’ is an ideal way of bringing a party together and kicking off a new campaign. (A sample party of 4 1st level PCs has been included in case you don't want to roll up new characters.) Run it as a standalone adventure or as the first part of The Watcher campaign - an epic Good vs Evil story arc in which the forces of Light battle desperately to thwart the Salmotepians - a fanatical sect of sorcerers and demon worshippers, hellbent on releasing their Demon God Salmotep into the World. By the end of the adventure, the PCs will have gained a level, bonded as a party, and been introduced to a powerful patron who can direct them to future adventures.

System: D&D 5e
Starting Level: 1
Length: One-shot
Features: Dynamic Lighting, Tokens with Stats, NPC Character Sheets, Pre-gen Character Sheets, Jukebox Integration

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