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Author: Red Table Games $4.99

A one session 5e adventure for 3rd & 4th level PCs. Play it stand-alone or as the fourth adventure in The Watcher campaign.

‘It has taken me years to pierce the veil of secrecy and illusion concealing the Salmotepian Tower.’

‘Defended by sheer windowless walls 100 feet high - the rooftop entrance guarded by a Nightspawn Dragon - Sorcerers patrolling in shifts around the clock - all to protect an 'impenetrable' lead-lined vault.’

‘They have stolen one of the Shards of Destiny. You are going to take it from them!’

The challenge for the PCs:

The Watcher Campaign is an epic Good vs Evil story arc in which the forces of Light battle desperately to thwart the Salmotepians - a fanatical sect of sorcerers and demon worshippers, hellbent on releasing their Demon God Salmotep into the World.

System: D&D 5e
Starting Level: 3
Length: One-shot
Features: Dynamic Lighting, Tokens with Stats, NPC Character Sheets, Pre-gen Character Sheets, Jukebox Integration

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