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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Chase Scene

Author: 2D Storyteller

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $6.99

Hold on tight and don't look back!

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The earth shredded beneath the thunder of hooves. The elf clutched at her satchel a second too late to prevent the leather splitting, sunlight glimmered across the faces of a shower of gold florins sprinkling the mud with everything they had fought so hard for. "Leave it!" the knight shouted as he spurred his steed drew his blade. "They are on us" said the knight reaching out his arm holding the tip of his sword holding steady amidst the gallop. The wizard looked to the direction of the knights blade and froze in her saddle. Orcs, howling for blood and each one astride a ravenous four legged beast. The last of the florins jangled free from her satchel, the wizard reached for the arcane book chained to her hip; these beasts would see that she had some thunder of her own...

'Chase Scene' is an animated pack designed to bring a high energy action scene to life in your online tabletop games, including a wide range of assets for you to use to craft, memorable encounters. Use constantly moving maps to capture the feel of a high speed pursuit , animated tokens such as Undead, Orcs, Centaurs and monsters, all of them giving chase to mounted heroes. Thrust your campaign into a high adventure action scene!

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