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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Dwarven Mountain

Author: 2D Storyteller

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

Build your own Dwarven animated battle maps...

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“My grandfather told tales of the hammers under the Mountain, 'Rang like bells in the night ' he would say. During the summer months the Dwarven kin would bring the most wondrous things to our village, spears so perfectly formed they sailed from your hand like a bird, arms and Armour so precious iron blades would shatter rather than blemish it and such kind riches this village might have become city of legend. But that was before 'She' came...The vilest dragon of them all, she took their grand halls for her nest and filled her belly with all who could not flee the mountain. This village is naught but squalor and want now, and the hammers ring out no more ”

‘Dwarven Mountain’ brings’ animated Battle Maps to Roll20; bringing your adventure scene to life before your players' eyes. Construct your own ‘Action Maps’ with atmospheric audio alongside animated and static art, a journey through the dangerous mountains of the old world. Inside Dwarven Mountain you will find magical creatures, long forgotten ruins and detailed mountain landscapes and carefully hidden treasures. Use this pack to have your players explore the long forgotten home of the Dwarves, traverse the unforgiving mountain peaks, uncover the secret entrances to the underground and come face to face with the mighty Dragon who now calls it home...

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