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Shadow of the Demon Lord Starting Adventures 1

Author: Schwalb Entertainment $5.25 USD

Start your new campaign here! Shadow of the Demon Lord Starting Adventures 1 includes three adventures for starting level characters.

Module includes
- 19 NPCs and Monsters
- 3 adventures for starting characters
- Maps of the North Reach and building Last Hope

Dark Deeds of Last Hope

As with all starting adventures, Dark Deeds of Last Hope provides the origin story for the group of characters that will venture into the world and fight against the encroaching darkness. Unlike other starting adventures, this one provides a bit more guidance to help novice Game Masters get their start. However, any GM interested in kicking off a new campaign will find this adventure a great starting point.

As citizens of Last Hope, the player characters find themselves drawn into a tangled plot that involves the efforts of a scoundrel working to pilfer a valuable relic from the local temple and the mayor’s disgraced son who has been dabbling in dark magic. As the characters investigate the plot, they must find ways to work together and overcome the myriad challenges in their path. If they succeed, they will forge the bonds of friendship and the trust they need to carry them on to even greater adventures.

Dead by Dawn

Even as the darkness from the Void casts its shadow across Urth, there are other dangers found lurking in the gloamings of the world. Some perils seek to entrap the innocent. Some are never defeated, their evils only delayed for a time. And at least one hungers for blood and meat to sustain its immortality. Tonight, this horror sets out to feed its vile hunger with fresh flesh.

A love letter to every story about holding down a bad position against even worse people, whether the attackers are human or not quite, Dead by Dawn is an adventure written for a group of three to five starting characters. In it, the player characters must find a way to survive an onslaught of undead, driven by a malevolent nature spirit to attack a nearby inn. The characters just have to survive until sunrise.

The Slaver's Lash

The emperor’s death and the subsequent collapse of the Empire loosed rampaging bands of orcs into the Empire’s provinces. While many of these orcs seek the freedom long denied to them, others see opportunity for vengeance, wealth, and power. In this adventure, a band of orc slavers has moved into the Northern Reach, plundering frontier towns for slaves to sell or use for sport. When the adventure opens, the characters are among the captives, marching toward a life in chains. The adventure ends when the characters escape captivity and reach one of the few outposts of civilization on the frontier.

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