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Uncle Bob's Dynamite Dominoes

Uncle Bob's Dynamite Dominoes are a set of dominoes that will enhance your Roll20 experience, either by playing a game of dominoes or adding dominoes to your RPG.

What's Included

This dominoes pack includes six domino decks and four domino rollable tables, rules and play examples of four popular domino games, and instructions on how to include dominoes in your RPG sessions.

Domino Decks

The six domino decks include:

These domino decks operate just like playing card decks on Roll20. Play them on the tabletop, hand them out to players, rotate and manipulate them, shuffle the dominoes and discard them, then recall them and play all over again.

Rollable Tables

The domino rollable tables include:

Use these rollable tables as you would any other rollable table, simply by typing in the chat window or adding them to a macro. It's that easy.

Learn Domino Games

There are four separate domino games presented in this pack:

Each game has instructions and present an example of play. But you don't have to limit yourself to these games because there are dozens of different domino games played around the world, giving you even more options.

Domino Tokens

Included in this pack are tokens usable for Sidecar Train Dominoes. Choose your favorite colors for train tokens and train hubs. Mix and match for more color combinations.

Using Dominoes in Your RPG

Use dominoes as games within your RPG or try out fortune telling or even choose a different way to determine success or failure. A special deck, Odin and his Ravens, is included and can be used in all of these ways, and more.

Now, go play some Dominoes!

This product functions as an addon. You can add it in to any game of your choosing.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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