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Board Games Deluxe - Bundle

Author: Meditating Munky $6.99

This Bundle Includes:

Board Games Deluxe

Game night is here, but what happens when someone is late? What if... They miss the whole session!!! The games must go on!!! Don't stress waiting, just break out Board Games Deluxe and play your favorite all time classics! Maybe one of your players challenged the Elder God to a game of Twenty Squares! Four Player Chess? Fox and Goose? You name it! Let them Play it Out! Big fan of the classic Tafl? How about 10 versions of one of the all time greatest strategy board games in different sizes all ready and set up, just waiting for you to get your King to safety!!!

What is in the Bundle?

What Games are in this?


Just add to your game like any other Add-On from your campaign page home screen and everything is ready to Play! 16 Map Pages with all of the different Board Games, with their respective pieces all set up and ready to go! All Game Pieces are set with permissions for "All Players" so you can get right to playing! In addition to that, this Bundle adds every game board, and all of the Gaming Pieces to your Art Library so you can just drag and drop pieces onto the board should you need to!

Challenge me to a game of Chess on Twitter @MeditatingMunky! No promises I will take you up on that challenge... but you can still follow me!

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