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MDT 5E: Level 3 Adventures

Author: AAW Games

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

10 Mini Adventures for Level 3 Heroes

From the depths of the darkest dungeons to primal dangers of the untamed wilderness, these adventures bind ancient mysteries, forgotten lore, and the allure of epic quests. Adventurers will explore realms unknown, face deadly foes, and discover tantalizing treasures and magnificent artifacts.

AAW Games brings you this collection of 10 complete and ready-to-run scenarios designed especially for discerning Game Masters who want exciting adventures and need them now. Begin the next chapter of your campaign!

Themed and organized for convenience, the Mini-Dungeon Tome for Level 3 PCs provides setting-neutral fantasy adventures suitable for parties at level 3. With all reference material included, this add-on holds everything you for hours of adventuring.

Offering contributions from all-star authors and game designers, the Mini-Dungeon Tome for Roll20 is the series you have been searching for. Always have a new adventure at the ready and test the mettle of even the most experienced players!

The following adventures are included in this add-on:

The Case of the Scrupulous Pawnbroker

by Stefanos Patelis for 4 heroes at level 3

The PCs may have used the services of a local half-elven pawnbroker, Latricus, known to be stern but fair in his dealings. Now they find his store open, none of his assistants present, and the door to his basement office (where serious transactions took place) invitingly ajar. Maron, a nasty sorcerer, and her thugs have recently decided to change the nature of their transaction with the pawnbroker and the PCs are just in time.

The Blight

by Colin Stricklin for 4 heroes at level 3

For nearly a thousand years this mighty oak stood as monarch of the forest, with its dryad as proud steward. When a self-absorbed local druid sought a new home, however, both dryad and tree became ill. This once-comfortable treetop dwelling now lies at the heart of a rotting forest. For even the greatest trees can die, going slowly bad from within.

The Unquenched Thirst

by Michael Allen for 4-5 heroes at level 3

The tiny isle of Sandspit is a favorite place to maroon recalcitrant shipmates, for across the bay, the headland falls are visible to castaways. Wicked currents prevent escape from Sandspit, and the unfortunates discarded there slowly die of thirst in sight of the lifegiving waters. One such piece of tortured jetsam was Captain Staid Merrik, who rose as a wight and walked under the currents to reach the cup of life long denied. The foul magic of undeath clinging to Merrik ripped the sustenance out of the waters at the base of the falls, and as long as Merrik's shade resides in a cave behind them, will continue to do so, to the detriment of creatures native to the headland, or watering parties from passing vessels.

The Phase Spider Lair

by JJonathan Ely for 4-6 heroes at level 3

TThe mountain town of Kraga has changed hands many times; strategically important for its location close to rich veins of iron and copper, it was originally a dwarven community who built structures both above and deep below the ground. Periodically attacked and razed by various tribes of orcs, ogres, stone giants, and humans, it has been rebuilt at least four times, leaving the deepest and most ancient structures accessible only by the sewers and subterranean water courses.

Now a heavily defended border town providing refuge for many travelers passing through the mountains, it also purifies much of the ore pulled from the many mines near the town. Recently the town militia have noted a number of missing people who have entered the town but have never left—investigations have led them to the warren of ancient tunnels and sewers under the city, and they will pay handsomely for adventurers to investigate these disappearances…

Lair of the Mad Druid

by Louis Agresta for 4-6 heroes at level 3

The forest primeval. Brave settlers seeking better lives gather their families and venture beneath her branches. They walk her leaf-dappled aisles, violate her ancient green stillness. They fell trees, build homes, plow the earth, and…vanish.

The local magistrate, tired of discovering blood-smeared doorways where she should find cringing taxpayers, hires the party to investigate the disappearances. Of course, she fails to mention her first wave of would-be settlers massacred a tribe of forest gnomes in the very valley where her peasants now disappear, nor does she know a forest gnome druid survived. A Mad Druid bent on vengeance for his murdered people.

Neotomas' Paradise

by Michael Smith for 3-4 heroes at level 3-4

Recently, the homeless of the city have begun to disappear. Few seem to care, and many are actually happy to see them gone. The local magistrate is not, however, and wants these disappearances looked into. Rumors have circulated that, under the cover of night, someone, or something, has been seen descending into the sewers below the market district via a grate in the street. The magistrate has tasked the PCs with investigating the sewers to see if any clues can be found relating to the recent disappearances.


by Stephen Yeardley for 3-4 heroes at level 3-4

"Fitcher" Lintu is a necromancer, avant-garde taxidermist, and one of the most intelligent, successful, and evil people in Morsain. Outwardly helpful about undead, he's a serial killer that happily sources “raw materials” himself.

Lintu has almost finished his masterpiece secret tableau: two idealized humanoids as aerial lovers. But he can't resist adding “perfect” body parts, and he goes to bizarre lengths to get them. Every hook has happened recently; the PCs effectively follow up on all three.

Additionally, Lintu wants part of a charismatic PC. Unless the PCs are careful, they might walk into a trap. His raven familiar secretly watches for approaching humanoids from a hidden perch, informs Lintu of arrivals via a talk-tube before they enter, and then chats to people while Lintu prepares. This is a no-holds-barred show-down with a powerful caster—the PCs had best take care!

When Goblins Die, No Comets Are Seen

by Stephen Yeardley for 4-6 heroes at level 3-4

After delving into the upper tunnels of a recently abandoned mine pursuing mutated goblins (in Doubt Not the Stars Are Fire), the party follows some buckled minecart rails, finding rough tunnels with unexpected chambers at their end. A palpable sense of fear pervades the area.

The last members of a decimated tribe fled into these depths, but have no idea what to do now. They reached Area 5, but felt the sudden appearance of a worked room meant more trouble. Infamous amongst their kind, and fearing an unheralded death, they're currently psyching themselves to fight back to the surface.

Last Stand of the Forgotten Pirate

by Michael McCarthy for 4 heroes at level 3-5

After losing his ship, his crew, and his leg to a sea monster, the pirate Gnarltooth retired to a much more peaceful profession: fishing. Yet even after two decades spent mostly ashore, Gnarltooth never quite forgot about the creature that scuttled him, nor did it forget him. The pair clashed repeatedly over the years, until Gnarltooth decided to end things one way or another. He hired a druid to call and bind “The Beast” here until one of them finally bested the other for good.

That same druid has asked the PCs to check in on Gnarltooth. The old orc had made a lot of promises about what he'd do after The Beast was finally put down, and his few friends would like to see him able to pay out. Of course if he didn't make it, there was no telling what treasures the old salt still had hidden in his modest shack.

With a Candlestick

by Michael McCarthy for 4 heroes at level 3-5

Lord and Lady Scarlet are wealthy, well connected and generally well liked—for nobility. Their social talents have lead to them hosting a national embassy on their estate, which now see a constant exchange of visiting nobility of all stripes.

As one of the most well connected people in politics, Lord Scarlet is a perfect person to ask for a favor that requires political clout, which is why the PCs are paying him a visit. Yet they arrive at an unfortunate time. Mere minutes ago, Lord Scarlet was found dead in the library of his own embassy, in the middle of hosting a small group of business partners to discuss an upcoming venture.

The Roll20 version of MDT 5E: Level 3 Adventures includes the entire content of these 5e adventures, fully integrated into the platform. Included in the Roll20 version:

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