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Intriguing Inhabitants I

Author: Villagelder $9.99

Fynnisnap [fih-NEE-snap] traveled and explored the world (and some say multiverse) as an adventurer and a knowledge seeker for many decades. In his officiousness notes, which he later drafted into an encyclopedic work of his travels, is an assemblage of people met during his travels. This is a translation of some of those notes.

There are three decks in Volume I. The base deck is the Deck of Intriguing Inhabitants. These cards offer a variety of roles (50 cards) that he has witnessed throughout with an average of 12 sub-tasks each, totaling 600 variations.

The second deck, the Deck of Perpetual Personalities, details the personality traits Fynnisnap documented during his journeys. Each card features a half-phrase (50 cards) that is completed by twelve different possibilities. The combinations allow for 600 different personality traits.

The third deck is the Deck of Intrinsic Ideals. This deck of 50 cards features the ideals that Fynnisnap witnessed throughout the lands.

Spur your creative imagination or randomly generate personalities for your PCs and NPCs.

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