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Intriguing Inhabitants II

Author: Villagelder $9.99

This Bundle Includes:

Fynnisnap [fih-NEE-snap] returns with more of his officious notes about the inhabitants of the world where he traveled and explored. He completes his study of the personality by adding to the variety of traits including bonds and flaws. In addition, he adds some of the many interesting companions, pets, or familiars he has witnessed accompany merchants, adventurers, wizards, and more.

There are three decks in Volume II. The first deck is the Deck of Convivial Companions, detailing the many interesting companions around the world. Some of them are beast, some are fey, some are fiends and undead, but all of them are intriguing. Fifty new companions to search through and customize to your liking or randomly draw when needed in an adventuring pinch.

The second deck, the Deck of Foundational Bonds, explores the many personal bonds and motivations that inspire the many people Fynnisnap met in his travels. There are 60 cards in this deck.

The third deck is the Deck of Miscreant Flaws. This deck of 55 cards features the flaw that Fynnisnap documented throughout his journeys. Many of these flaws saw slight variations and including these variations, generally 8 per card, there can be almost 440 distinct flaws for your characters.

Spur your creative imagination or randomly generate personalities for your PCs and NPCs.

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