ZEITGEIST: Bonds of Forced Faith

Author: Ancris IT

Wherein a King and his Retinue strike against a Coven of Witches before they can lay a dire Curse upon an entire City.

An Enchanting Excursion for 10th-Level Characters

Bonds of Forced Faith is intended as a short and punchy adventure which you can get through in the span of 2-3 four-hour sessions. This adventure can function as a standalone adventure or as an introduction to the Zeitgeist setting and adventure path.

The Roll20 version of Bonds of Forced Faith includes the entire content of the 5e adventure, fully integrated into the platform. Included in the Roll20 version:

  • 6 pre-generated character sheets with backgrounds, motivations, and secret goals.
  • Encounter maps with Dynamic Lighting and Advanced Fog of War.
  • Rollable Tables for all shapeshifters in the adventure.
  • Statted Tokens linked to Character entries in the Journal, with Roll20 5th Edition OGL character sheets and clickable actions.
  • Cross-linked handouts throughout the adventure.

This adventure will work as an Addon:

  • Go to the Game Details page (of a game that you created). Click on Settings, then select Game Settings.
  • On the Game Settings page, scroll down to Game Addons. Select the desired Addon from the dropdown menu, and then click Add to Game.
  • The next time you go into that Roll20 game, everything from the adventure you added will appear within that game, from maps to handouts to tokens!

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