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Author: Mammoth Factory

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $12.99
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Curse of the Skinwalkers

Seventeen years ago, a dark ritual in a secluded glade brought a curse upon a young man and all his descendents, twisting his unborn children into terrible shapeshifting monstrosities with a hunger for human flesh. Fleeing in shame and horror, he left his dark past far behind him – but his children live on, and they have finally caught his scent.

Happenstance brings him to the same lonely inn as the party, as they both seek shelter from the monsters that stalk the surrounding woods. Beset on all sides by ravenous lycanthropes, the characters must navigate the bitter and tumultuous relationships of their fellow patrons, unravel the dark secrets that simmer beneath the inn’s very foundations, and uncover the saboteur that hides in plain sight – otherwise they have little hope of surviving the night.

This adventure is designed for four to five 4th-level characters.

Quick Guide

System: D&D 5e
Format: Survival Horror
Recommended Average Party Level: 5
Length: Short Arc (3-4 Sessions)


Custom Maps. This adventure features 4 combat maps by Elysium Cartography.
Dynamic Lighting. All of our maps are fully realized with Roll20 features such as Dynamic Lighting.
Token Art. All tokens created by Meditating Munky based off of Mammoth Factory's monthly 3d Models for each adventure.
NPC Handouts. This adventure includes lore and behaviour for its NPCs right in your handout journal.
Monster Statblocks. This adventure includes fully playtested statblocks for all its monsters.
Magic Items Handouts. This adventure contains two unique magic items right in your handout journal.
Full Written Adventure. This adventure includes a 21 page adventure, formatted into Roll20's handout journals and fully hyperlinked for ease of use.

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