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Mammoth Chronicles - VOL 1-8

Author: Mammoth Factory

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This Bundle Includes:

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Mammoth Chronicles - Vol. 1-8

The Mammoth Chronicles are a set of eight short-arc 5e adventures spanning levels 4-11 that you can run as standalone side-quests or play sequentially as a sequence of epic challenges.

Each adventure contains extensive lore that can be unpacked by players or even expanded on by DMs, and is written so as to be easily integrated into an ongoing campaign. Together, they form a library of fantastical themes to pick and choose from, such as:

Quick Guide

System: D&D 5e
Format: Adventure Bundle
Recommended Average Party Level: 4-11
Length: Multiple Short Arcs (3-4 Sessions)


Custom Maps. This bundle features 6 combat maps by Elysium Cartography, Meditating Munky, and GoAdventure Maps.
Dynamic Lighting. All of our maps are fully realized with Roll20 features such as Dynamic Lighting.
Token Art. All tokens created by Meditating Munky based off of Mammoth Factory's monthly 3d Models for each adventure.
NPC Handouts. Each adventure includes lore and behaviour for its NPCs right in your handout journal.
Monster Statblocks. Each adventure includes fully playtested statblocks for all its monsters.
Magic Items Cards. Each adventure contains unique magic items right in your handout journal.
Full Written Adventures. This adventure includes 8 fully written adventure PDFs, formatted into Roll20's handout journals and fully hyperlinked for ease of use.

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