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Battle Pack | Temple of Time

Author: Mammoth Factory

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

Battle Pack | Temple of Time

A reclusive wizard recently uncovered a trail of clues leading him to a magnificent find – an ancient remnant of an elder civilization, sealed away in a pocket dimension and lost to time. The builders of this long-lost temple were masters of the arcane, capable of arts unheard of to mages of the modern era – and the party has been contracted to discover and retrieve as many of their relics as they can.

Unknown to them, however, this sanctum is no ordinary ruin. In days past it was the centre of the Ikayen Empire, and the seat of its arcane power. Hidden within is a fractured World Maker, a locus of eldritch energy capable of bending time itself. At the height of the old empire it was used to shatter its enemies, preserve its rulers into perpetuity, and test its greatest champions, allowing them to hone their skills within a stable time loop – unafraid of death and untouched by old age.

The empire has fallen, but the mechanisms of those ancient trials still churn in the depths of the temple, awaiting fresh challengers…

Art Pack

This is the Downloadable Art Pack installation of the tokens, maps, and statblocks from the Voidstalkers adventures. If you would like the full adventure, you can get that >>>here<<<!

Find us on Instagram and Facebook and check out or Website for news about our upcoming Kickstarter!

32 Items Included in Battle Pack | Temple of Time

Behir Token

dragon behir bloodlords

Ancient Overseer Token

ancient overseer bloodlords

Darkmantle 1 Token

monstrocity bloodlords darkmantlt

Darkmantle 2 Token

darkmantle monstrosity bloodlords

Gargoyle 1 Token

stone gargoyle bloodlords

Gargoyle 2 Token

statue gargoyle bloodlords

Gargoyle 3 Token

statue gargoyle bloodlords

Gargoyle 4 Token

statue gargoyle bloodlords

Ikayen Monk 1 Token

monk bloodlords ikayen

Ikayen Monk 2 Token

monk psionic bloodlords

Manticore 1 Token

beast manticore bloodlords

Manticore 2 Token

beast manticore bloodlords

Nothic Token

eye nothic bloodlords

Roper Token

roper monstrocity bloodlords

Rust Buster Token

rust bloodlords buster

Rust Monster 1 Token

monster rust bloodlords

Rust Monster 2 Token

monster rust bloodlords

Ancient Overseer Chamber 23x33

lair cavern cave

Behir Cave 23x33

lair cave behir

Gargoyle Room 23x33

dungeon room gargoyle

Gargoyle Room Plates 23x33

dungeon room gargoyle

Sky Pass 24x36

island sky floating

Water Puzzle 23x33

water puzzle temple

Statblock Manticore

block manticore stat

Statblock Darkmantle

block darkmantle stat

Statblock Bethir

block behir stat

Statblock Roper and Rust Monster

roper rustmonster statblock

Statblock Rust Buster

block stat rust buster

Statblock Ancient Overseer

block overseer stat

Statblock Monk

monk block stat

Statblock Stonecursed Gargoyle

gargoyle block stat

Statblock Nothic

block nothic stat

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