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Braythe: Shattered Realities Adventure Pack

Author: Braythe RPG

Bundle: A combination of content. Prices are discounted based on what you already own. More detail on each item is below.

List Price: $44.97
Save 20%
Bundle Price: $35.98

This Bundle Includes:

Celebrate the holidays in places like The Ocean of Ash or maybe in the village of Vinesnake Hill! If all else fails, the Library of Sorrows should be just the sort of cozy dungeon crawl your players deserve.

Faith Reborn

Hope in a devastated land

What's it about?

What begins as an errand to a potion shop turns into a journey into a postapocalyptic land to save a dying man.

"Faith Reborn" leads your adventuring group into the incinerated lands called The Ocean of Ash. The one-shot adventure offers a balanced mixture of exploration, combat, social interaction and puzzles. You also get a detailed description of the main location, the fledgling village of Darraecon, for use within the adventure and as a possible base for future adventures of your own.

The Orphans of Vinesnake Hill

What's it about?

Missing people in a secluded town. Rumors of a cursed forest. Is your group ready to find out what is going on in the village of Vinesnake Hill?

"The Orphans of Vinesnake Hill" leads your group into a small village that suffers from the aftermath of a war. It begins in the town itself, and later leads the adventurers into a cursed forest to find the dark secrets hidden there.

Library of Sorrows

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Reading can be bad for you.

Evil books. Dangerous curses. Vicious, powerful items. This ain’t your regular small town library...

What's it about?

After disaster struck, the Library of Sorrows has been abandoned for years. But something is still in there… and it begins to affect a nearby town. Are your heroes brave (or foolish) enough to face the hidden evil and uncover the library’s mysteries?

Library of Sorrows is a compact dungeon crawl with a wild twist. This allows you to throw balance out of the window (more or less), and challenge your players with encounters they aren’t ready for.

While battles are an important aspect of the adventure, it also has its share of exploration, research and social encounters. A complex backstory with three-dimensional NPCs and a variety of possible endings turn this module into far more than a simple hack-and-slay.

To assist you as the game master, the adventure offers “cheat sheets”: Compact summaries of the most important information, from plot to skill checks and possible solutions.

Your players will encounter undead and supernatural entities, and find items that are as interesting as they are dangerous. Library of Sorrows offers a lot of possible future adventure hooks, and can even be combined with the Braythe adventure Faith Reborn.

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