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Quick Encounters: Mushroom Forest

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99 USD

8 fungal maps created at 25x25 squares in both mushroom filled and empty along with bits pieces and additional variations. Great for exploring the underdark or any other large mushroom filled caverns of your imagination.

38 Items Included in Quick Encounters: Mushroom Forest

Floor Lichen Large

algae fungi groundcover

Floor Lichen

algae groundcover fungus

Fungus of Unusual Size

mushroom forest fungus

Large Mushroom 1

mushroom forest fungus

Large Mushroom 2

mushroom forest fungus

Mushroom Chasm Web Bridge Empty

crevasse underground bridge

Mushroom Chasm No Bridge

underground fungal forest

Mushroom Chasm Web Bridge

underground forest bridge

Mushroom Cluster 1

forest mushrooms fungus

Mushroom High Road Empty

underground cave cavern

Mushroom High Road Jumping

underdark fungal forest

Mushroom Cavern High Road

planks mushroom cave

Mushroom Lake Empty

underground cave water

Mushroom Lake

underground mushroom water

Mushroom Pathway Bioluminous

underdark cave fungus glowing

Mushroom Pathway Empty

tunnels underground cave

Mushroom Pathway

shroom forest cave

Mushroom River Crossing Empty

underground stream cavern

Mushroom River Crossing

stream forest fungus

Mushroom Sinkhole Empty

underdark cave cavern

Mushroom Sinkhole

sunken forest floor

Mushrooms and Lichen Small

algae groundcover fungus

Rock 1

boulder cave stone

Rock 2

boulder cave stone

Rocks 3

boulders stones cave

Rubble 1

debris rocks terrain

Rubble 2

debris rocks terrain

Shelf Fungus 1

mushroom forest fungus

Shelf Fungus 2

mushroom forest fungus

Small Mushroom Circle

ring fairy mushrooms

Small Mushrooms

mushroom forest fungus

Sparse Mushroom Forest empty

underground cave cavern

Sparse Mushroom Forest

cave cavern fungus

Thick Mushroom Forest wall fungus only

walls fungal cave

Thick Mushroom Forest Empty

underground cave cavern

Thick Mushroom Forest

spore forest fungus

Trumpet Fungus 1

mushroom forest fungus

Trumpet Fungus 2

mushroom forest fungus

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