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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Dungeon Maps

Author: Pelgrane Press

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

A collection of 37 maps taken from Pelgrane Press's "Battle Scenes" series. The maps have been organized into general regions, and are entirely player-facing.

See also Pelgrane Press's Wilderness Maps and City and Settlement Maps collections.

37 Items Included in Dungeon Maps

Living Dungeon Mouth

entrance teeth living

Desert Caverns

desert cave

Living Dungeon Chamber

dungeon pool living

Steel Mouth

entrance metal fortress

Desert Hideout

desert chamber hideout

Stone Chamber

stone chamber dwarven


chamber dwarven forge

Artisan's Chamber

chamber dwarven mechanical

Bridge over Fire

fire bridge underground

Underground Hall

underground dwarven great hall

Mysterious Pool

stone pool underground

Central Pool

stone pool underground

Underground Study

research dwarven study

Sacrificial Hall

underground battle blood magic

Pool and Sun Door

magic pool underground

Forgotten Hall

stone underground cursed

Magic Prison

magic prison underground

Mausoleum Complex

mausoleum underground temple

False Hallway

stone hallway trap

Root Cavern

natural trees cave

Bone Pile

natural cave cursed


crypt underground tomb

Cavern Mess Hall

cave underground bandits

Bandit Chief's Office

cave underground bandits

Landing Under the Sand

desert dungeon stairs

Magical Interchange

desert magic hallways

Sand Sphere

desert magic sphere

Central Chamber

desert chamber finale

Regeneration Pit

magic hallways pillars

Desert Storerooms

desert dungeon storerooms

Stone Den

dungeon cave chamber


hallways underground chamber

Cave Pool

pool cave underground

Doubled Chamber

stone underground chamber

Dragon's Den

dragon lava bridge

Lava Pit

stone lava cave

The Crypt at the End of the World

stone crypt traps

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