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Roll20 Marketplace Product

City and Settlement Maps

Author: Pelgrane Press

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

A collection of 34 maps taken from Pelgrane Press's "Battle Scenes" series. The maps have been organized into general regions, and are entirely player-facing.

See also Pelgrane Press's Dungeon Maps and Wilderness Maps collections.

34 Items Included in City and Settlement Maps

Circus Encampment

stage tents circus

Schoolhouse and Teacher's Home

house city school


ship ocean dock

Wagons and Broken Walls

ruins clearing wagons

Dirt Road

trees road wagon

Village Massacre

house stables village

Camp in Ruins

camp ruins bandits


tavern inn hall


square modular rooftops

Storage Tower

stairs tower storehouse

Village Market

square village market

Walled City

city walls forbidden

Tavern Suite

tavern inn rest

Coliseum with Spikes

traps colosseum coliseum

Coliseum with Platform

traps colosseum coliseum

Coliseum with Obstruction

traps colosseum colisem

Magicians' Society

magic stage study


manor mansion castle

Stone Gates

stone camp gates

Shrine Massacre

desert temple shrine

Temple Barracks

desert temple barracks

Trapdoor Chamber

desert trapdoor chamber

Emperor's Torture Pit

dungeon pit traps

House of Traps

dungeon traps

Evil Lord's Chamber

dungeon bandits traps

Forest Coliseum

forest coliseum dungeon entrance

Fortified Home Interior

manor house castle

Green Wizard's Room

magic trees tower

Green Tower Top

lightning magic tower


ocean pier docks

Secret Tower

magic tower clearing

River's Edge

river trail logging

Broken Bridges

desert bridge plains

Fortified Home

manor castle walls

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