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The Great Library Battlemap Pack

Author: Czepeku

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

The Great Library

The search for knowledge is its own cause for adventure. Czepeku have created the Great Library map pack for exploration and adventure! Featuring various room sizes, a beautiful lobby with a desk, a serene inner courtyard, and meticulous details throughout. Immerse your players in this expansive library with variations that allow for day and night exploration of the ground floor, the chrono room, the orrery with its shadow planets, the bestiary room, the medieval map room, the violet study, and the forbidden library. Within these hallowed halls, your players might encounter eccentric librarians, enigmatic scholars, and even secretive cultists lurking amidst the stacks. What secrets, ancient tomes, and forbidden knowledge will your players uncover in the company of these intriguing NPCs within the magnificent repository of wisdom?

The The Great Library map pack contains 16 files.
Map size: 34 x 40
Setting Theme: Urban Interior
Variations: B0 Ground Floor Day, B0 Ground Floor Night, B1 Chrono Room Day, B1 Chrono Room Night, B2 Orrery Day, B2 Orrery Night, B2 Orrery Shadow Planets Day, B2 Orrery Shadow Planets Night, B3 Bestiary Room Day, B3 Bestiary Room Night, B4 Medieval Map Room Day, B4 Medieval Map Room Night, B5 Violet Study Day, B5 Violet Study Night, B6 Forbidden Library Day, B6 Forbidden Library Night

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We also offer subscription options at our Patreon where you can pay as little as $1 per map pack to receive regular new maps as well as our backlog content!
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32 Items Included in The Great Library Battlemap Pack


night endless forbidden


ground floor reception


night library great


magic time chrono


magic night chrono


day orrery planetarium


night planets orrery


shadow planets orrery


shadow planets orrery


skeletons bestiary museum


library bestiary museum


map medieval cartography


map dragon skeleton


ancient library study


ancient library study


endless library forbidden


endless library forbidden


ancient library great


ancient library great


magic time chrono


magic time chrono


planets model orrery


model planetary orrery


shadow planet orrery

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