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Bio: Hi! We're Cze Lee and Peku Chow. As a couple we work as concept artists and illustrators. Together we go by the name Czepeku.

We've worked professionally on board games and SFF book covers and we're also creating our own worlds, maps, tokens and more.

We've been avid artists and gamers since childhood and here on Roll20 we want to use our illustrative skills to make the very finest maps and tokens for your games. We'd like to help other DMs create the best games and for players to have the most fun in this awesome hobby.

Tokens: Here are some of our collections:

and way more.

Contact: If you have any specific recommendations or requests get in touch with us at or @czepeku on Twitter.

Patreon: If you want to get big exclusive maps, join us on Patreon, we release all our maps on Patreon first and all patrons get the ability to choose and vote for what map they'd like to see next:

City Maps: In August 2019 we started a new project making an entire city. We create a new building battlemap each week. If you want a giant city for your players to explore check it out here:

Streamers: We give free permission for any streamer to show our work during their games. Enjoy. :)

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