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The Misfits - Part One

Author: KevinDnG $4.99 USD

Criminals, fugitives and adventurers, the Misfits are here to make tons of noise with large bounties on there heads! These characters go around the open seas gathering others to join there gang of Misfits! 8 original characters with each there own color variations, wanted posters to customize there own individual bounties, and blank posters to customize your very own characters as wanted criminals!

Lets meet the gang!
Ulfbaer-Short tempered wannabe genius, with a heart of silver. (he's not nice enough for gold)
Rumbo-A rare elven goblin, who comes off as aloof most of the time, especially when around his brother chump, but be wary of his darker more sinister side.
Chump- Gullible, happy, and not the brightest amongst the crew. Chump travels alongside his brother to protect and bring peace to those who need him.
Quickpaw Clayton He calls himself the captain, but his crew enjoys calling him a coward. Quickplay enjoys the riches of life and getting what he wants.
4 Fugitive Kobolds found trapped beneath quicksand, but were quickly saved before drowning.
Rott- Obedient and protective to those who bring him interest.
Ike- a young discolored Kobold rescued from curtain death in his his old home, and under constant care of the crew.
Shabusho- Banished from his home, seeking only to protect his loved ones and bring peace to his race.
Scotch- Loves eating sand. Believes eating sand will bring great power to him and the others. “SAND MAKES YOU STRONG”

The Set was made to be released a year ago, but due to complications got delayed for quite some time. So I apologize to anyone who spots any art mistakes within a couple of the characters. I plan to re-draw the characters in the future, and add more members to the crew when the time comes, but hopefully you will all enjoy what I have to give so far! If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, feel free to stop by my Discord Channel, or twitter and give me some feedback on some upcoming projects!

110 Items Included in The Misfits - Part One

Chump B1

green goblin token

Chump B3

token copy blue goblin

Chump B4

token copy black goblin

Chump V1

green goblin token

Chump V2

goblin red token

Chump V3

blue goblin token

Chump V4

black goblin token

Ethereal Chump Bust

token copy ethereal goblin

Ethereal Chump

token copy ethereal goblin

Ethereal Ike Bust

token copy kobold ethereal

Ethereal Ike

token copy kobold ethereal

Ethereal Quickpaw Clayton Bust

token copy tabaxi ethereal

Ethereal Quickpaw Clayton

token copy tabaxi ethereal

Ethereal Rott Bust

bust copy kobold ethereal

Ethereal Rott

token copy kobold ethereal

Ethereal Rumbo Bust

token copy ethereal goblin

Ethereal Rumbo

token copy ethereal goblin

Ethereal Scotch Bust

token copy kobold ethereal

Ethereal Scotch

token copy kobold ethereal

Ethereal Shabusho Bust

token copy kobold ethereal

Ethereal Shabusho

token copy ethereal goblin

Ethereal Ulfbaer Bust

tokenulfbaer copy goliath ethereal

Ethereal Ulfbaer

tokenulfbaer goliath ethereal

Ike B1

token copy kobold brown

Ike B2

token copy kobold red

Ike B3

token copy kobold yellow

Ike B4

token copy kobold blue

Ike B5

token copy kobold green

Ike B6

token copy kobold black

Ike V1

kobold brown token

Ike V2

kobold red token

Ike V3

kobold yellow token

Ike V4

kobold blue token

Ike V5

kobold green token

Ike V6

kobold black token

Quickpaw Clayton B1

bust copy tabaxi yellow

Quickpaw Clayton B2

bust copy tabaxi red

Quickpaw Clayton B3

bust copy tabaxi blue

Quickpaw Clayton B4

bust copy tabaxi white

Quickpaw Clayton V1

original tabaxi token

Quickpaw Clayton V2

tabaxi red token

Quickpaw Clayton V3

tabaxi blue token

Quickpaw Clayton V4

tabaxi white token

Rott B1

token copy kobold red

Rott B2

token copy kobold yellow

Rott B3

token copy kobold blue

Rott B4

bust copy kobold green

Rott V1

kobold red token

Rott V2

kobold yellow token

Rott V3

kobold blue token

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