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Heroes of Jarviskjir 6

Author: Oliver Smith $5.99

50 New Hero tokens for use in your fantasy RPG's! With over 40 unique character's and some colour variation options you have a great variety of people from all walks of fantasy life, perfect to meet up in a tavern and begin a new adventure.

Updates about new sets, art and other projects are here; https://twitter.com/Olirant

50 Items Included in Heroes of Jarviskjir 6

Human Honoured Ranger

older ranger human

Deep Dwarf Artificer

underdark deep dwarf

Half Elf Ranger

bard ranger elf

Deepbark Dryad

dryad fey tree

Young Adventurer

fighter warrior

Young Gladiator

fighter warrior

Younge Rogue

thief rogue

Dark Elf Wizard

drow wizard

Sword Dancer

dark elf drow elf

Wolf Shifter

shifter druid

Shadow Mermaid

mer triton merfolk

Kobold Witch

kobold dragon

Darkling Alchemist

darkling artificer changeling

Giantbane Paladin

paladin cleric fighter

Palace Guardian

lord human

Great Old One Warlock

warlock wizard human

Drow Samurai

samurai drow

Dark Elf Adviser

drow wizard

Construct Bodyguard

construct machine robot

Hideous Torturer

fomorian monster

Half Orc Guard

guard orc

Grunt Thug

guard human soldier

Storm Giant Kin

half giant sorcerer

Rouge Rogue

half elf elf

Ashen Dragonborn

dragonborn white dragon

Dragonborn Noble

dragonborn gold dragon

Iceglow Tiefling

tiefling demon

Eldest Son

bard wizard human

Sun-kissed Elf

bard elf

Toothy Trickster

fey eladrin

Fey Trickster


Knight of Elves and Wine

high elf paladin elf

Smiling Tiefling

Gnomish Adventurer

rock gnome sailor pirate

Noble Mageling

wizard human

Shadowy Masque

thief mask rogue

Elder Cleric

older human

Half Elf Warrior

half elf elf

Half Elf Adventurer

half elf elf

Azue-touched Fairyfolk

fey warlock elf

Gnomish Warlock

gnome warlock

Half-Drow Ranger

half elf drow

Ice scaled Dragonborn

dragonborn white

Halfling Adventurer


Dwarf Arcanist

female dwarf

Rough-knuckled Rogue

brawler monk elf

Noble's Daughter

bard cleric human

Gentle Dark Elf

moon elf drow

Deep Gnome Hero


Dwarf Hammerer

barbarian fighter dwarf

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