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Heroes of Jarviskjir 5

Author: Oliver Smith $5.99 USD

51 brand new high quality Hero tokens from my professional fantasy illustrations for use in your fantasy roleplaying experiences! Featuring all manner of races with a high number of Tiefling and Fey characters in this pack.

51 Items Included in Heroes of Jarviskjir 5

Aasimar Prophet

hero fantasy character token

Armoured Soldier

paladin fighter knight fantasy token

Bastillion Brigand

tiefling thief rogue fantasy token

Blind Bird

hero bird monster fantasy token

Blind Wizard

hero old mage fantasy token

Bounty Hunter

veteren scars hero fantasy token

Bounty Hunter

hero pale human fantasy token

Catman Trickster

cat bard rogue fantasy token

Celestial Warlock

hero star warlock fantasy token

Charming Hero

halfelf eyepatch knight fantasy token

Charming Spellcaster

witch wizard mage fantasy token

Dark Elf Princess

hero fey drow fantasy token

Dark Mermaid

shadow sorcerer monster fantasy token

Dragonblood Princess

sorcerer dragon elf fantasy token

Dragonborn Outlaw

hero black dragon fantasy token

Elf Barbarian

fighter elf warrior fantasy token

Fairyfolk Trickster

fairy fey bard fantasy token

Fearful Witch

hero girl witch fantasy token

Feasting Halfling

halfling tavern fantasy token

Fey Elf Planeskipper

fairy gnome elf fantasy token

Fey Temptress

hero fey warlock fantasy token

Frost Tiefling

tiefling devil horns fantasy token


beard old dwarf fantasy token

Half Orc Fighter

halforc orc fighter fantasy token

Harmless Human

hero giant human fantasy token

Hero Turtleblood

turtle druid monster fantasy token

Hobgoblin Mage

hobgoblin hero monster fantasy token

Human Bard

hero bard human fantasy token

Masked Man

hunter mask rogue fantasy token

Masked Rook

hunter mask rogue fantasy token

Mountain Dwarf

tattoo fighter dwarf fantasy token

Mountain Elf

scars hero elf fantasy token

Otherworldly Patron

fey bard warlock fantasy token

Part-Orc Fighter

hero orc human fantasy token

Protection Cleric

cleric fighter dwarf fantasy token

Shocking Performer

hero bard fantasy character token


hero leader rogue fantasy token

Stone Robot

construct hero robot fantasy token

Sun Elf Sailor

sailor pirate elf fantasy token

Tattooed Magi

tattoo spellcaster mage fantasy token

Tiefling Beauty

tiefling devil warlock fantasy token

Tiefling Paladin

tiefling ice devil fantasy token

Tired Soldier

fighter human knight fantasy token

Travelling Adventurer

fighter human soldier fantasy token

Trickster Elf

rogue warlock elf fantasy token

Undead Elf

banshee undead elf fantasy token

Viking Hunter

hero hunter ranger fantasy token

Viking Shieldmaiden

viking female warrior fantasy token

Warrior Hero

hero rogue fighter fantasy token

Wasteland Survivor

dread scar rogue fantasy token

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