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Bullywug Swamp Battlemap Pack

Author: Czepeku

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Bullywug Swamp

A good swamp map can be hard to find. Use this beautiful and detailed map pack to provide rest or mystery for your players. Navigating its connected bridges, small huts, and buildings can be a perilous encounter or a welcome respite from treading through the waist-deep waters of the swamp. Czepeku have created gorgeous variations like 'Bioluminescent Night and the fiery 'Burning Sun Day. Who, or what, does that giant eye belong to? Why does the swamp run red with blood? Have the players come to speak to a ghost on the darkest night? Or perhaps they have a boon to request of the queen. These maps offer a myriad of settings for swampy adventures. Who inhabits the huts and buildings in this marshy domain, and what secrets lurk beneath the murky waters? Are there hidden treasures or dangerous encounters awaiting those who dare to explore this mysterious swamp?

The Bullywug Swamp map pack contains 28 files.
Map size: 45 x 51
Setting Theme: Swamp Exterior
Variations: Autumn Day, Beast Eye Alternative Night, Beast Eye Night, Bioluminescent Night, Bloody Day, Bloody Night, Blue Lagoon Day, Burning Sun Day, Crescent Moon Night, Fireflies Night, Her Majesty Day, Her Majesty Night, Ice Day, Ice Night, Marketplace Fireworks Night, Marketplace Ghost Village Night, Marketplace Day, Marketplace Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain Day, Rain Night, Spring Day, Stone Platform Day, Stone Platform Night, Submerged Platform Day, Submerged Platform Night, Vortex Day

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10 Items Included in Bullywug Swamp Battlemap Pack


swamp village


swamp winter village


swamp village fireworks


swamp village marketplace


swamp village bossmonster


swamp village bossmonster


swamp village lagoon


swamp village lagoon


swamp village


swamp village

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