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Chibi Monsters - Nature [Figures]

Author: Ben N. $4.99

16 high quality nature monsters!

Check out my other packs, too! Tokens and figures both available!

16 Items Included in Chibi Monsters - Nature [Figures]


unicorn magical horse

Water Elemental

water elemental elemental water

Wil o Wisp

will of the wisp wil o wisp wisp

Air Elemental

air elemental air elemental

Awakened Shrub

awakened shrub shrub plant

Awakened Tree

tree ent awakened tree ent


centaur man horse


dryad druid fey

Earth Elemental

earth elemental elemental earth

Fire Elemental

fire elemental elemental fire

Green Hag

green hag hag witch


lamia lion man


owlbear owl bear


satyr goat fey

Shambling Mound

shambling mound plant creature


pixie fey sprite

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