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Creatures of the City

Author: E.R. Norman $9.99

50 anthropomorphic animal tokens to enhance your fantasy world or animal based adventure. Combine this set with the other "Creatures of" sets to create a robust and diverse world for your players!

50 Items Included in Creatures of the City

Cat Archer

anthro cat feline

Cat Assassin

cat rogue animal

Cat Bard

musician cat bard

Cat Barkeep

npc cat animal

Cat Beggar

anthro commoner cat

Cat City Guard

fighter spear warrior

Cat City Watch

cat crossbow archer

Cat Engineer

npc cat animal

Cat Potter

anthro commoner cat

Fox Assassin

fox rogue animal

Fox Bard

fox bard animal

Fox Beggar

fox commoner npc

Fox City Guard

fox fighter warrior

Fox City Guard Captain

fox fighter warrior

Fox City Watch

fox archer warrior

Fox Commoner

fox commoner npc

Fox Fortune Teller

fox commoner spellcaster

Fox Merchant

fox commoner npc

Mole Baker

rodent commoner mole

Mole Bard

mole bard animal

Mole Barkeep

commoner mole npc

Mole Beggar

commoner mole npc

Mole City Guard

mole fighter warrior

Mole Engineer

expert commoner mole

Mole Merchant

commoner mole merchant

Mole Miner

commoner miner mole

Mole Smith

blacksmith mole animal

Mouse Assassin

rodent mouse animal

Mouse Bard

mouse bard animal

Mouse Beggar

anthro mouse animal

Mouse Butcher

npc mouse animal

Mouse City Guard

guard mouse fighter

Mouse Merchant

npc merchant mouse

Mouse Miner

commoner mouse animal


pigeon bird animal

Rabbit Assassin

rabbit bunny rogue

Rabbit Barkeep

rabbit commoner npc

Rabbit City Guard

rabbit guard fighter

Rabbit City Guard Captain

rabbit fighter knight

Rabbit City Watch

rabbit guard archer

Rabbit Engineer

rabbit commoner animal

Rabbit Merchant

rabbit bunny npc

Rabbit Miner

rabbit bunny animal

Squirrel Assassin

squirrel rodent assassin

Squirrel City Watch

squirrel guard fighter

Squirrel Dancer

squirrel dancer bard

Squirrel Florist

shopkeeper squirrel npc

Squirrel Merchant

squirrel commoner npc

Turtle Beggar

commoner turtle animal

Turtle Merchant

anthro turtle animal

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