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Creatures of Sun and Sea

Author: E.R. Norman $5.99

Another installation in the Creatures series, this pack of thirty sailors, nomads, and other anthropomorphic creatures will surely bring flavor to any campaign.

If you like this set, be sure to check out the others and be on the lookout for more to come!

30 Items Included in Creatures of Sun and Sea

Blue Heron

heron anthro npc bird wild blue feathers ocean sea river monster animal fantasy token

Desert Hare Nomad

hare nomad npc merchant fantasy token

Desert Hare Sentry

hare pc npc warrior animal fantasy token

Desert Hare Shaman

hare rabbit wild shaman desert fantasy token

Desert Hare Warrior

hare rabbit swordsman fighter warrior fantasy token

Desert Mouse Nomad

rodent pc commoner npc mouse fantasy token

Desert Mouse Pilgrim

pilgrim commoner mouse villager animal fantasy token

Desert Mouse Shaman

mouse cleric shaman priest wizard fantasy token

Desert Mouse Warrior

pc npc mouse fighter warrior fantasy token

Diamond Back Cobra

cobra snake monster animal fantasy token

Hyacincth Mackaw

parrot pc npc bird pirate fantasy token

Mouse Bucaneer

sailor npc fighter pirate warrior fantasy token

Mouse Captain

sailor captain mouse pirate fantasy token

Mouse Sailor

seaman sailor npc pirate fantasy token

Mouse Swashbuckler

buccaneer sailor swashbuckler pirate fantasy token

Rat Buccaneer

buccaneer sailor captain rat pirate fantasy token

Rat Captain

captain npc villain pirate fantasy token

Rat First Mate

buccaneer npc rat villain pirate fantasy token

Rat Pirate

npc rat villain pirate monster fantasy token

Seagull Collector

seagull npc bird monster animal fantasy token

Seagull King

seagull fowl npc royal bird king monster animal fantasy creature token

Seagull Soldier

seagull anthro npc bird monster warrior soldier animal fantasy creature token

Shrew Buccaneer

buccaneer maiden sailor pc pirate fantasy token

Shrew Captain

shrew sailor pc npc pirate animal fantasy token

Shrew First Mate

shrew sailor pirate animal fantasy token

Shrew Sailor

shrew anthro sailor pc npc rogue fighter warrior animal fantasy token

Tortoise Commoner

tortoise commoner turtle npc animal fantasy token

Tortoise Herder

commoner npc farmer monk fantasy token

Tortoise Villager

tortoise commoner npc animal fantasy token

Tortoise Warrior

pc npc fighter warrior knight fantasy token

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