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Isle of Lore 2: Status Icons

Author: Steven Colling

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Isle of Lore 2 Status Token Markers contain 120 status icons and 120 incremental distance icons to show statuses and effects of your players and their foes, ranging from attributes over death states, senses, supplies, buffs, debuffs, states of exhaustion, elemental effects and loot!

The 120 incremental distance icons can be used to measure the distance of an enemy in relation to your players, in multiple increments for afoot, flying, underground and underwater distances as well as measuring time, for example how many rounds an enemy stays unconscious.

The files are 512x512px in size. This pack was made in the same style than my other Isle of Lore 2 assets and they work visually very well together!

240 Items Included in Isle of Lore 2: Status Icons

0 strength

red arm attribute

1 agility

yellow legs attribute

2 constitution

green chest attribute

3 charisma

mask red attribute

4 intelligence

blue brain attribute

5 wisdom

book purple attribute

6 health

red heart

7 mana

blue crystal

8 dead 0

white skull

9 wounded

broken white bone

10 dead 1

stone blue grave

11 undead

zombie dead arm

12 dead 2

monster ghost white

13 vampirism

teeth vampire tooth

14 time

white clock hourglass

15 growing

plant leaf seed

16 seeing

eye face visibility

17 not seeing

eye face visibility

18 blinded

eye face visibility

19 speaking

bubble sense speech

20 silenced

bubble silent speech

21 hearing

skin sense ear

22 deaf

sense ear deafened

23 smelling

skin nose sense

24 not hungry

eating hunger sated

25 hungry

eating hunger stomach

26 not thirsty

bottle drinking thirst

27 thirsty

bottle drinking thirst

28 bandaged

healing bandage wound

29 bread

food eating hunger

30 meat

food eating hunger

31 beer

yellow drinking alcohol

32 buffed

arrow up buff

33 debuffed

arrow down debuff

34 faster

running speed movement

35 slower

running speed movement

36 blessed

holy buff plus

37 cursed

skull purple

38 heaven

white cloud

39 curse

purple spiral

40 regenerating

health healing regeneration

41 bleeding

blood wounded drop

42 poisoned

green skull

43 poisoned lungs

green breathing

44 suffocating

breathing lungs drowning

45 sick

green skull cloud

46 gas

green skull cloud

47 acid

green skull

48 stunned

diamond paralyzed unconscious

49 unconscious

dead white incapacitated

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