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Elemental's People Pack 4

Author: Elemental Flame $4.99 USD

In this continuation of my People Pack line you will find over 70 new and unique tokens from a top-down perspective of people, both male and female, from various races including:
• Aasimar
• Elves
• Halflings
• Humans
• Tieflings

There's a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

Sizing. These tokens are appropriately sized for Roll20 with each gaming square representing a 5ft. area. Each token is designed to fit in a 1x1 square on your Virtual Table Top unless noted otherwise in the file name.

Recurring Characters. If there's any particular characters you like in this set you can always reach out to me on Twitter if you'd like to see more of them in future packs.

124 Items Included in Elemental's People Pack 4

Aasimar Male 003

angelic celestial bard

Elf Male 021

necromancer drow

Elf Male 022

musician lute bard

Elf Male 023

rogue crossbow

Halfling Female 011

seductive thief rogue

Human Female 082

dairy bucket farmer

Human Female 083

hoe gardener farmer

Human Female 084

militia guard

Human Female 085

militia guard dead

Human Female 086

daggers rogue

Human Female 087


Human Female 088


Human Female 089


Human Female 090

familiar wizard

Human Female 090 Familiar

dragonling familiar dragon

Human Female Child 003

bucket farmer young

Human Female Child 004

jugs dairy farmer

Human Male 115

bartender drink

Human Male 116

bartender drink

Human Male 117

chef cook

Human Male 118

oaf happy drunk

Human Male 119

happy drunk sitting

Human Male 120

drunk wounded dead

Human Male 121

hoe gardener farmer

Human Male 122

hoe gardener farmer

Human Male 123

traveler backpack fence

Human Male 124

gravedigger grave shovel

Human Male 125

groundskeeper gardener rake

Human Male 126

militia captain guard

Human Male 127

militia guard

Human Male 128

militia guard

Human Male 129

militia guard mace

Human Male 130

militia guard axe

Human Male 131

militia guard sword

Human Male 132

militia lance guard

Human Male 133

militia guard hammer

Human Male 134

militia guard axe

Human Male 135

militia guard mace

Human Male 136

militia guard crossbow

Human Male 137

militia flail guard

Human Male 138

militia guard dead

Human Male 139

militia guard dead

Human Male 140

militia guard dead

Human Male 141

militia guard dead

Human Male 142

militia guard dead

Human Male 143

militia guard dead

Human Male 144

militia guard dead

Human Male 145

merchant man

Human Male 146

folk hero old

Human Male 147

folk hero

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