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Pink Palace

Author: Heroic Roleplaying Press $5.99

Features seven ready-to-use maps in both furnished and unfurnished versions. Also includes over 200 modular pieces to create your own palace in beautiful pink and gold. All maps and pieces are optimized for Roll20 and snap together seamlessly.

Additionally, Pink Palace is fully compatible with all map packs and token frames from Heroic Roleplaying Press, and with tokens created using the Token Makers Toolkit.

204 Items Included in Pink Palace

Torch 1-4 (Heart)

heart decoration torch

Torch 1-4 (Heart, Unlit)

heart decoration unlit

Wall Section 1-1

modular pink wall

Wall Section 1-2

modular wall stone

Wall Section 1-3

modular pink wall

Wall Section 1-4

palace overlay wall

Window 1-1 (Narrow)

clear window prop

Window 1-1

overlay window prop

Window 1-2 (Narrow)

clear overlay glass

Window 1-2

glass purple window

Window 1-3 (Narrow)

tinted purple window

Window 1-3

glass window prop

Window 1-4 (Narrow)

overlay purple window

Window 1-4

palace window castle

Wooden Chair 1-1

ornate chair wooden

Wooden Chair 1-2

decorative chair wooden

Wooden Chair 1-3

decoration chair wooden

Wooden Chair 1-4

heart chair wooden

Wooden Chair 2-1

chair wooden light

Wooden Chair 2-2

heart chair gold

Wooden Chair 2-3

seat chair gold

Wooden Chair 2-4

palace chair gold

2x2 Floor Tile 1-1

cupid pink marble

2x2 Floor Tile 1-2

love pink marble

2x3 Floor Tile 1-1

pink marble spear

2x3 Floor Tile 1-2

pink gold marble

4x4 Room 1-1 (Windowed)

overlay pink room

4x4 Room 1-1

pink room doorway

4x4 Room 1-2 (Windowed)

windows pink room

4x4 Room 1-2

pretty pink room

4x4 Room 1-3 (Windowed)

pink beautiful room

4x4 Room 1-3

pink small room

4x4 Room 1-4 (Windowed)

pink 4x4 room

4x4 Room 1-4

modular pink room

4x4 Square Roof 1-1

pink roof gold

10x10 Grass Background 1 (Green)

background green grass

10x10 Grass Background 1 (Pink)

pink background grass

10x10 Grass Background 1 (Purple)

purple background grass

10x10 Room 1-1

10x10 pink room

10x10 Room 1-2

pink room gold

10x10 Room 1-3

10x10 pink room

10x10 Room 1-4

modular pink room

10x10 Room 2-1

pink room gold

10x10 Room 2-2

pink room gold

10x10 Room 2-3

10x10 room gold

10x10 Room 2-4

10x10 pink room

10x10 Room 3-1

multiple room gold

10x10 Room 3-2

triple pink room

10x10 Room 3-3

three pink room

10x10 Room 3-4

entrances pink room

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