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Critical Pixel Addon 5

Author: Zeshio $4.99

This add-on includes all of the elven class tokens in Critical Pixel Pack 5, put into rollable tables!

You can drop down rollable table tokens of each male or female class, and changing colors or weapons is as easy as right clicking and changing the side of the token!

Some of the great things about this add-on include:
-Over 380 elven tokens
-11 fantasy classes for both male and female elves
-3 different color variations for each class
-All tokens come with variations of weapons,spells, sneaking, and singing as applicable to the class
-This add-on makes it easy to change tokens on the fly!
-These tokens go great with most or all current pixel packs on the marketplace!


Navigate to the rollable table menu
Select the token button from the labeled class table (the token appears on the playable area)
Right click the token and select 'multiple sided',
Select 'choose side' to change the color variations or weapons for that class.
If you'd like a random token instead, select 'random side' from the right click menu. Just note that you may randomly get an unconscious body!

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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+ All Access Vault Enabled
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