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Bloody Tokens 2

Author: DM Nel $4.99

Continuing this line of horror/fantasy tokens with more scary, creepy and gross opponents for your Shadow of the Demon Lord, D&D, Call of Cthulhu, or similar RPGs.

25 Items Included in Bloody Tokens 2


amphisbaena snake monster


doll toy possessed

Skinless 1

flayed bones bloody

Skinless 2

flayed bones bloody

Chain Zombie

chainbound undead zombie

Clockwork Warrior

clockwork axe robot

Cymbal Monkey

toy cursed possessed


egg mother monster

Nightmare Demon

freddie blade demon


toy cursed clown


butcher devil cleaver

Lurker Lizard

lurk reptile lizard

Poop Demon

poop demon elemental

Possessed Girl

possessed demon witch

Alien Drone

reen tentacle robot

Shotgun Demon

demon gun

Spirit 1

phantom spirit ghost

Spirit 2

phantom spirit ghost

Spirit 3

phantom spirit ghost

Spirit 4

phantom spirit ghost


phantom spirit ghost

Harvester of Tears

tear thief harvester killer

Tentacle Demon

mouth demon tentacle

Tommy The Train

toy cursed train

Well Girl

ring demon wet

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