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Street People Vol. 5

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

You're walking down a cold rainy street, listening to the soft pitter-patter of pedestrians all around you. A loud ork in a short order cook uniform hollers an order in a food truck to your left, while an old elven man stares off into the distance to your right. Across the street you see a VR addict dancing under a street lamp, off in a world of their own. A happy yet weathered man stands close to the food truck, saying that while he'd like his childhood back he'd accept a taco too.

Further away in the darkness behind you, tucked away from all the neon lights and street signs you see a halfling in an LED raincoat, hiding under an umbrella. You wonder what kind of rare items they're peddling - and now you can find out, because this is Street People Vol. 5!

In this pack you'll find humans, elves, dwarves and more that can be added to your games as background, contacts, and even used as PCs too! Each character comes in a variety of positions so you can use them to build quick crowds and more natural groups of people throughout your maps.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that buys something! If you have a commission idea, request, question or comment feel free to send me a PM here on Roll20, find me on Twitter or send me a message on my website here.

Thanks for checking out my items! Happy gaming!

60 Items Included in Street People Vol. 5

Businessperson (4)

johnson contact woman scifi token

Businessperson (1) (alt)

businesswoman pedestrian boss scifi token

Businessperson (1)

huamn executive female scifi token

Businessperson (2)

rep corporate negotiator scifi token

Businessperson (3)

fixer face representative scifi token

Homeless Ghoul (1)

enemy undead zombie scifi token

Homeless Ghoul (2)

supernatural haunted possessed scifi token

Homeless Ghoul (3)

infected vampire dead scifi token

Homeless Ghoul (4)

vagrant cursed monster scifi token

Old Elven Man (1)

metahuman man elf scifi token

Old Elven Man (2)

urban fantasy scifi token modern

Old Elven Man (3)

knifeear contact elvish scifi token

Old Elven Man (4)

grampa old elderly scifi token

Ork Male (1)

gits npc scifi token

Ork Male (2)

ingentis chef cook scifi token

Ork Male (3)

shadowrun troll orc scifi token

Ork Male (4)

noir horned devil scifi token

Police Officer (1)

corporate investigator security scifi token

Police Officer (2)

major private deputy scifi token

Police Officer (3)

future futuristic soldier scifi token

Police Officer (4)

captain armored guard scifi token

Police Officer (5)

leo sergeant crowd scifi token

Regular Girl 1 (1)

gamer vr helmet scifi token

Regular Girl 1 (2)

pedestrian ganger punk scifi token

Regular Girl 1 (3)

addict reality virtual scifi token

Regular Girl 1 (4)

seated neon sci-fi scifi token

Regular Girl 2 (1)

shades sunglasses japanese scifi token

Regular Girl 2 (2)

asian young woman scifi token

Regular Girl 2 (3)

dashion hacker npc scifi token

Regular Girl 2 (4)

jogger cybernetic cyborg scifi token

Regular Guy 1 (1)

vagrant person street scifi token

Regular Guy 1 (2)

beggar sign tramp bum scifi token

Regular Guy 1 (4)

panhandler vagabond hobo scifi token

Regular Guy 2 (1)

operator supervisor boss scifi token

Regular Guy 2 (2)

worker laborer builder mason scifi token

Regular Guy 2 (3)

overseer director head chief scifi token

Regular Guy 2 (4)

auditor foreman inspector goon scifi token

Teenager 1 (1)

teen kid male scifi token

Teenager 1 (2)

fixer hacker npc scifi token

Teenager 1 (3)

goth boy punk scifi token

Teenager 1 (4)

injured pc civilian scifi token

Teenager 2 (1)

schoolboy nerd backpack scifi token

Teenager 2 (2)

dweeb dork geek scifi token

Teenager 2 (3)

nerdy introvert tech scifi token

Teenager 2 (4)

focused meditation summon scifi token

z-Bonus Homeless Guy (1) alt

informant noir organlegger scifi token

z-Bonus Regular Guy 9 (1)

tophat bystander man scifi token

z-Bonus Regular Guy 9

strange costume steampunk scifi token

z-Regular Girl 1 (1)

halfling child dwarf scifi token

z-Regular Girl 1 (2)

umbrella led neon scifi token

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