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Street People Vol. 4

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

You're walking down a cold rainy street, listening to the soft pitter-patter of pedestrians all around you. You stop and hear a dwarven defense attorney flag down a taxi while a determined man in a porkpie hat scans the horizon.

A gregarious old man sitting on an old kitchen stool waves you towards a doorway and the hair on the back of your neck pricks up - you turn to run away - and you actually can, because you're using Street People Vol. 4!

In this pack you'll find humans, elves, dwarves and more that can be added to your games as background, contacts, and even used as PCs too!

Now characters come in front/left/right/back/sitting positions, so you'll be able to use them to people multiple maps and create crowds on the fly. Everything is lit and rendered with the same cameras as other packs so you can use them interchangeably with ease.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that buys something! If you have a commission idea, request, question or comment feel free to send me a PM here on Roll20, find me on Twitter or send me a message through my website.

Thanks for visiting and happy gaming!

62 Items Included in Street People Vol. 4

Business Casual Ork (2)

detective orc boss token modern

Business Casual Ork (3)

metahuman businessman male token modern

Business Casual Ork (4)

okr dark giant token modern

Dwarven Businessman (1)

little dwarven dwarf token modern

Dwarven Businessman (2)

barrister attorney lawyer token modern

Dwarven Businessman (3)

halfling fantasy token modern

Dwarven Businessman (4)

shadowrun urban cyberpunk token modern

Goth girl (1)

cybergoth clubber party token modern

Goth girl (2)

pedestrian hipster hacker token modern

Goth girl (3)

dreadlocks crowd civilian token modern

Goth girl (4)

plaid dreads street token modern

Legendary NPC (1)

action superhero hero token modern

Legendary NPC (2)

fifth supreme being token modern

Legendary NPC (3)

leeloo redhead scifi token modern

Legendary NPC (4)

bored sitting female token modern

Old Man (1)

settler elderly bald token modern

Old Man (2)

alley sitting token modern

Old Man (3)

recline transient laying token modern

Old Man (4)

noir future futuristic token modern

Police Officer 1 (1)

officer cop security token modern

Police Officer 1 (2)

armed guard heavy token modern

Police Officer 1 (3)

machine shotgun gun token modern

Police Officer 1 (4)

ops assault rifle token modern

Police Officer 2 (1)

corporate riot beat token modern

Police Officer 2 (2)

major private captain token modern

Police Officer 2 (3)

deputy soldier weapon token modern

Police Officer 2 (4)

fighter army military token modern

Regular Girl 1 (1)

hostess civilian human token modern

Regular Girl 1 (2)

jack director secretary token modern

Regular Girl 1 (3)

wageslave worker office token modern

Regular Girl 1 (4)

informant snitch shopper token modern

Regular Guy 1 (1)

porkpie chemist scientist token modern

Regular Guy 1 (2)

cartel crimelord civilian token modern

Regular Guy 1 (3)

cardshark ganger criminal token modern

Regular Guy 1 (4)

lieutenant gangster boss token modern

Regular Guy 1 (5)

hench fist underworld token modern

Teenager 1 (1)

teen kid girl token modern

Teenager 1 (2)

regular person people token modern

Teenager 1 (3)

stranger rocker npc token modern

Teenager 1 (4)

idle back standing token modern

Umbrella (Blue)

anonymous stranger mysterious token modern

Umbrella (blue)

sunshade umbrella parasol token modern

Umbrella (green)

bumbershoot gamp brolly token modern

Umbrella (green)

extra civilian street token modern

Umbrella (purple)

umbrella npc female token modern

Umbrella (purple)

citizen npc villager token modern

Umbrella (red)

pc npc hidden token modern

Umbrella (red)

johnson fixer npc token modern

Umbrella (yellow)

hacker cyberpunk rain token modern

Umbrella (yellow)

buyer stranger seller token modern

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