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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Wood Elf City

Author: PogS Props

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $49.99


A set of unique maps, assets and illustrations to portray a Wood Elf City campaign setting

Highly detailed 150 pps maps and assets

City Map

5000 x 5000 px
Variants : + key version, version without ships

Canopy Village (village heart)

55 x 55
+ 7 house interior assets

Landing Platform / Dock

25 x 40
13 versions : sea, river, space, sky for all settings

Mother Tree Temple

15 x 26

Council Room

25 x 25
Variants : throne room, dinning room, bare

Market Square

2 variants : 25 x 25 and 25 x 40


3 variants : 25 x 25, 25 x 40 and bare 25 x 40

Elven Hermit Treehouse

41 x 31
Day & Night versions + roof asset
+ 4 NPC Tokens


34 x 34
3 variants : day, night, sunset


70 x 70

Elven Gathering / Plazza

25 x 25
3 variants : gathering, night, bare

Wood Elf Merchant Ship

42 x 1 0 asset + sails + roof
+ inside deck
+ captain's cabin (8x10)

Roqual Patrol Ship

2 variants : sea and docked + roof

Forest Clearing 1

46 x 46
Variants : day and night

Forest Clearing 2

23 x 23
Variants : day and night

Forest Road

46 x 46
Variants : day and night

Forest Tower

46 x 46
Variants : day and night

Wood Elf House

50 x 50
+ Interior asset

Forest Path

23 x 23
Variant : stream

Forest Glade

23 x 23

67 Items Included in Wood Elf City

Elven City Map

map city wood elf

Elven City_Key

elf wood city

Landing Platform_25x40@150pps

dock wood elf landing platform

Tree Temple_15x26@150pps

tree wood elf temple

Council Room_25x25@150pps

wood elf council

Throne Room_25x25@150pps

throne wood elf

Dinning Room_25x25@150pps

wood elf dinning room

Bare Room_25x25@150pps

wood elf bare room

Market Square_25x25@150pps

wood elf market square

Market Square_25x40@150pps

wood elf market square


wood elf port


wood elf port


wood elf port

Landing Platform_Airship_25x40@150pps

dock wood elf airship

Landing Platform_Galleon_25x40@150pps

dock galleon wood elf

Landing Platform_Airship_Sky_25x40@150pps

dock wood elf airship

Landing Platform_High Elf Ship 1_25x40@150pps

dock high elf airship

Landing Platform_River 2_25x40@150pps

river dock wood elf

Landing Platform_River_25x40@150pps

bridge river dock

Landing Platform_Ship_Space_25x40@150pps

space ship dock

Landing Platform_Sky_25x40@150pps

dock sky wood elf

Landing Platform_Space 2_25x40@150pps

space dock wood elf

Landing Platform_Space_25x40@150pps

space dock tar way

Landing Platform_Water_25x40@150pps

sea dock wood elf

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