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Multi Maps: Forests

Author: Chibbin Grove

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Hey folks!

Chibbin Grove presents another map pack in the Multi Maps series: Forests.
In this pack are 10 different forest map sets, including plenty of variants.
Grid and No Grid included.

Bean-shìdh Glade - 2 maps of an enchanted forest.

In the heart of Bean-shìdh Glade, a secret mushroom circle reveals itself to those who follow the enchanting blue wisps of magical energy that dance through the trees. At the centre of this whimsical ring sits a massive tree stump: a testament to the passage of time.
Legends speak of a bygone era when the colossal tree was felled by a great hero of yore. An axe sits upon the stump but could it really be the same one used so many years ago?

Coedwig Corryn - 2 maps of a spooky spider-web-infested forest.

The seven sage witches of Coedwig Corryn use this forest of cocoons as their protective ward so that they can get up to their coven's bidding within their Grand Witches Lodge located in the centre of the forest. If one wishes to get to this lodge they must first traverse this twisted landscape. When stepping foot on the seemingly tiniest of webs, you are alerting an entire network that will seek its prey.

Crwban Coast - 6 maps of a woodland coastline.

Crwban Coast is a tranquil backwater that not many tend to visit or even know about. In the summer seasons, the area is inhabited by a species of turtle who use it for their mating and nesting, remaining there for a period of 12 weeks.

Gwyrdd Dungeon - 3 maps of forest dungeons.

In the heart of the dense forest a mysterious network of ancient passageways weaves its way through the landscape. These hidden connections link several sprawling woodlands that have existed for centuries. They remain untouched by the passage of time and are filled with lost cultures and hidden dangers.

Hathor's Trail - 2 maps of a forest trail and the cave system below.

When looking for Achilles Cave, one must first traverse the forest of Hathor's Trail; a maze of foliage filled with subterranean pockets.
One of it's iconic features is it's abundance of small stone circles which hold a mystery ready to be unlocked at their centres.

House On River Dawgs - 8 maps of an isolated riverside house. With Day+Night versions.

The River Dawgs is known for its tranquil, calm waters. The river bends through mostly high, rugged terrain making it a prime location for those who wish to live away from the business of urban life.
It is not uncommon to find the odd hut or lone building poking out of the treeline. It is rare you will ever see a collective here as this area tends to attract those who prefer solitude, which this largely untouched landscape provides.

River Neidr - 6 maps of a river winding through a woodland.

The bending River Neidr is a commonly used natural landmark. Folk who travel the wilds often use it to get back on track to civilisation. Many small communities live along its banks and many a wildlife sustains themselves on its waters.
A common tale amongst those that live and tread along this river is its origin myth. It is said that a giant serpentine creature forged the path of this life-giving river many moons ago.

Satyrian Woodlands - 9 maps of a large mysterious forest.

This wooded area, known for its unforgiving terrain, may only be travelled by foot. It is an old woodland, though small it is said to be the remains of a large ancient woodland that stretched out from one end of the continent to the other. Strange monolithic pillars, that some describe as totems, can be found scattered throughout. This area is sacred to a druidic order that has an aim to revive most of this forgotten ancient forest.

Sommar Trail - 6 maps of a forest trail. With Day+Night versions.

In the heart of the Southern Howling Forest, a narrow trail winds its way through the ancient trees.
The air is thick with a mysterious energy, and the foliage creates a canopy that obscures much of the sunlight, casting dancing shadows on the ground below.
A convoy of horse-drawn wagons makes its way cautiously along this trail, its passengers and cargo enigmatic in nature. The wagons are adorned with faded symbols and sigils, hinting at the mystical pursuits of those within. The travelers, a diverse group of individuals from different walks of life, each carry a secret purpose, their destinations veiled in secrecy.
Whispers among the locals speak of this convoy as an enigmatic group that ventures through the Southern Howling Forest only when the celestial alignment is just right, as if guided by forces beyond mortal comprehension. Legends tell of the wagons' ability to traverse hidden paths, appearing in different realms and lands, bringing both wondrous treasures and profound mysteries to those they encounter.

Willows Retreat - 4 maps of a large building in a forest. With Day+Night versions.

Not too far off the beaten trail of the Mason Road, heading from Tera Wall to Direpeak, a hidden turn leads all the way to Willows Retreat. As the opening is very easy to miss with an untrained eye, those who wish to find the site often rely on a local guide.
If one wishes to study the natural world, Willows Retreat is the place to be. Although it does not tend to take on new members, it is always looking for like-minded folk whom they can employ to locate unusual or rare natural phenomena.

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96 Items Included in Multi Maps: Forests

ChibbinGrove_Bean-shìdh Glade_25x35

mushrooms trees stump

ChibbinGrove_Bean-shìdh Glade_Empty_25x35

tree woods trees

ChibbinGrove_Bean-shìdh Glade_Empty_Grid_25x35

woods trees forest

ChibbinGrove_Bean-shìdh Glade_Grid_25x35

mushroom wisps tree stump

ChibbinGrove_Coedwig Corryn_2_35x25

forest spooky eerie

ChibbinGrove_Coedwig Corryn_2_Grid_35x25

forest spooky eerie

ChibbinGrove_Coedwig Corryn_1_35x25

webs spiders eggs

ChibbinGrove_Coedwig Corryn_1_Grid_35x25

nest spiderweb spider eggs

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_1_25x35

coast coastline woodland

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_1_Empty_25x35

coast coastline coastal

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_1_Empty_Grid_25x35

coast coastline coastal

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_1_Grid_25x35

coast coastline coastal

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_2_25x35

coast coastline fall

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_2_Empty_25x35

coast coastline coastal

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_2_Empty_Grid_25x35

coast coastline coastal

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_2_Grid_25x35

coast coastline autumn

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_3_25x35

coast coastline coastal

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_3_Empty_25x35

coast coastline coastal

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_3_Empty_Grid_25x35

coast coastline coastal

ChibbinGrove_Crwban Coast_3_Grid_25x35

coast coastline winter

ChibbinGrove_Gwyrdd Dungeon_1_35x25

dungeon forest foliage

ChibbinGrove_Gwyrdd Dungeon_1_Grid_35x25

dungeon woods forest

ChibbinGrove_Gwyrdd Dungeon_2_25x35

dungeon forest foliage

ChibbinGrove_Gwyrdd Dungeon_2_Grid_25x35

dungeon forest maze

ChibbinGrove_Gwyrdd Dungeon_3_25x35

dungeon forest maze

ChibbinGrove_Gwyrdd Dungeon_3_Grid_25x35

dungeon hedge maze

ChibbinGrove_Hathor's Trail_35x25

forest woodland trail

ChibbinGrove_Hathor's Trail_Below_35x25

cavern cave underground

ChibbinGrove_Hathor's Trail_Below_Grid_35x25

dungeon cave subterranean

ChibbinGrove_Hathor's Trail_Grid_35x25

woods forest trail

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_GroundFloor_Night_40x50

coast woods cliffs

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_GroundFloor_Night_Grid_40x50

house building home

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_GroundFloor_Day_40x50

house river riverside

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_GroundFloor_Day_Grid_40x50

house cabin shack

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_Upper Floor_Night_Grid_40x50

river woods forest

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_UpperFloor_Night_40x50

river building riverside

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_UpperFloor_Day_VTT_40x50

woods home riverside

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_UpperFloor_Day_VTT_Grid_40x50

house building home

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_Roof_Day_40x50

building roof rooftop

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_Roof_Day_Grid_40x50

building roof rooftop

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_Roof_Night_40x50

building roof rooftop

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_Roof_Night_Grid_40x50

building roof rooftop

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_Empty_Day_40x50

river woods forest

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_Empty_Day_Grid_40x50

river woods woodland

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_Empty_Night_40x50

river woods forest

ChibbinGrove_House On River Dawgs_Empty_Night_Grid_40x50

river woods forest

ChibbinGrove_River Neidr_1_35x45

river forest woodland

ChibbinGrove_River Neidr_1_Grid_35x45

river forest woodland

ChibbinGrove_River Neidr_1_Empty_35x45

river water grassland

ChibbinGrove_River Neidr_1_Empty_Grid_35x45

river water grassland

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