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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Cult Members

Author: Illustrated Page Design

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

A pack of cultists with thirty poses! This pack has four different color variations (red robes, black robes, green robes, blue robes), for a total of one hundred and twenty unique top down tokens.

120 Items Included in Cult Members

Arcane Cultist 28

cultist blue robes demon cultist

Arcane Cultist 30

sword cultist blue robes

Arcane Cultist 1

mage cleric spellcaster

Arcane Cultist 2

mage magic spellcaster

Arcane Cultist 3

priest cleric blue robes

Arcane Cultist 4

mage spellcaster sorceress

Arcane Cultist 5

cult member arcane cultist secret society

Arcane Cultist 6

hooded cultist robed cultist cultist with daggers

Arcane Cultist 7

cultist cult member blue clothes

Arcane Cultist 8

cleric monk praying

Arcane Cultist 9

monk praying blue robes

Arcane Cultist 10

monk cultist dagger

Arcane Cultist 11

monk cultist daggers

Arcane Cultist 12

monk cultist dagger

Arcane Cultist 13

mage spellcasting arcane cultist

Arcane Cultist 14

sword cultist blue robes

Arcane Cultist 15

monk cultist blue robes

Arcane Cultist 16

monk cultist blue robes

Arcane Cultist 17

monk cultist blue robes

Arcane Cultist 18

sword blue robes cultist npc

Arcane Cultist 19

cultist arcane cultist mage cultist

Arcane Cultist 20

mage monk spellcasting

Arcane Cultist 21

magic spellcaster nun

Arcane Cultist 22

mage cleric magic casting

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