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Elemental's People Pack 024

Author: Elemental Flame

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

The Twenty-Fourth set in the People Pack line comes charging onto the scene! I'm not just saying that because it has a some rhinoceros riders in it! Well, I guess that is the main reason. Either way, these tokens are presented top down to appear realistic on your tabletop, but many include front-facing portraits as well for you to stick in a token frame if that's how you prefer to play.

The set includes a mixture of characters from the following species:

• Cambion
• Dwarf
• Elf
• Gnoll
• Halfling
• Harengon
• Human
• Kobold
• Minotaur
• Tabaxi
• Tiefling

Sizing. These tokens are appropriately sized for Roll20 with each gaming square representing a 5ft. area. All tokens are designed to fit in a 1x1 square on your Virtual Table Top unless otherwise noted in the token name.

Note: My tokens are created much larger to allow you to resize them up to 8x their normal size before the quality drops off!

111 Items Included in Elemental's People Pack 024

Cambion 0002 3x1

winged devil fiend

Cambion 0003 3x2

fire sword cambion

Cambion 0004

human disguised cambion

Dwarf 0075

steel iron variant

Elf 0187

winged drow avariel

Elf 0188

ranger young boy

Elf 0189

elf magic scroll

Elf 0190

undead cursed tulpa

Gnoll 0005

hunter intelligent gnoll

Halfling 0026

paladin fentan mazzy

Harengon 0002

egg easter harengon

Human 0775

ninja samurai katana

Human 0776

scared frightened afraid

Human 0777

young cadderly bonaduce

Human 0778

farmer peasant worker

Human 0779

warrior old scars

Human 0780

knight armored lord

Human 0781

mutant eye beholderkin

Human 0782

savage eater elephant

Human 0783

tavern bar drinking

Human 0784

rock tattoo dwayne

Human 0785

joy spirited carefree

Human 0786

sitting calm carefree

Human 0787

girl happy pigtails

Human 0788

stand warn halt

Human 0789

seer alive mallqui

Human 0790

monk martial eastern

Human 0791

noble lady wealthy

Human 0792

aristocrat maiden rich

Human 0793

fly float hover

Human 0794 2x2

archer rider rhinoceros

Human 0795

archer rider rhinoceros

Human 0796 2x2

spear rider rhinoceros

Human 0797

spear rider rhinoceros

Human 0798

samurai katana sedge

Human 0799

scholar portly sage

Human 0800

knight paladin torm

Human 0800

ghost paladin torm

Human 0801

knight prisoner captured

Human 0801

knight ghost prisoner

Human 0802

knight mercenary plate

Human 0803

knight mercenary plate

Human 0804 2x1

bucket haul worker

Human 0805 2x1

bucket laborer worker

Human 0806 2x1

work commoner serf

Human 0807 2x1

water well fetch

Human Child 0042

red child head

Kobold 0014

winged kobold urd

Minotaur 0010

hybrid minotaur bull

Tabaxi 0008

ranger feline tabaxi

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