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Happy Idiots Set 4

Author: Kyle De Young $4.99

Friendly and lovable player tokens for your campaign! This pack contains a variety of races and classes. Happy Adventuring!

22 Items Included in Happy Idiots Set 4


joyful smiling idiot blow gust happy pc genasi hero dnd leather sky humanoid air adventure flying archer bow fantasy character token


darkvision idiot necklace happy amulet pc blade cloth hero fireball dnd dark deep humanoid lighting small magic adventure staff gnome spear fantasy character token


darkvision idiot happy pc eyes rapier hero dnd dark deep leather humanoid black small hair light adventure gnome crossbow bow fantasy character token


2handed idiot beserker happy muscle head pc fur 2-handed hero dragonborn dnd wolf humanoid skull blue barbarian adventure dragon axe fantasy character token


battlerager dumb spikey idiot happy epic pc beard helmet spikes horned hero dnd humanoid red adventure dwarf fantasy character token


1-handed 1handed smiling idiot happy ponytail clothes pc fat cloth hero dnd humanoid white large adventure monk dwarf sword fantasy character token


idiot happy growing pc genasi cloth hero dnd boulder humanoid shade earth cloak druid wood adventure tree staff rock fantasy character token


idiot mail happy mallet pc fat genasi plate hero dnd chain humanoid earth paladin heavy adventure hammer fighter shield mace fantasy character token


idiot happy bubbles healer liquid pc genasi hero dnd humanoid sorcerer water adventure staff cleric wizard mage fantasy character token


pheonix idiot happy pc genasi cloth hero dnd hot heat humanoid red sorcerer adventure flame sword wizard fire fantasy character token


trainer smiling idiot smile necklace happy healing pc hero plains dnd humanoid forest woods druid blonde caves adventure horse gnome desert fantasy character token


idiot happy artificer mechanical gadgets pc crazy beard cloth hero dnd leather humanoid blue adventure gnome gun fantasy character token


idiot happy hood healing pc plate hero dnd dark chain humanoid orc cloak paladin half adventure shield mace fantasy character token


mastery idiot happy pc sharpshooter hero dnd dark humanoid black cloaked mystery cloak adventure assassin crossbow archer ranger human fantasy character token


fresh idiot happy forge blacksmith pc chainmail hero dnd leather heat humanoid adventure hammer shield human fire fantasy character token


blaxksmith idiot mail happy level forge pc beard plate hero dnd dark high humanoid adventure hammer cleric shield mace human fantasy character token


headband idiot camo happy woodsmen pc rapier sharpshooter hero dnd humanoid green hunter woods adventure archer ranger shield human fantasy character token


idiot bandage happy wounded pc viking hero dnd humanoid barbarian metal adventure fighter spear shield human fantasy character token


bender creeky idiot tall bolts happy mechanical pc oil hero dnd rusty servant humanoid metal adventure robot fantasy character token


yes sebastian wow miniture idiot happy pony amazing cute tiny pc hero dnd mini humanoid small beautiful adventure horse fantasy character token


yes sebastian wow miniture idiot happy pony amazing cute tiny pc hero dnd mini humanoid small beautiful adventure horse fantasy character token


neutral idiot throwing happy chaotic clever pc stab smirk daggers hero dnd dark leather humanoid evil black small cloak adventure fantasy character token

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