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Happy Idiots - Set 1

Author: Kyle De Young $4.99

Friendly and lovable player tokens for your campaign! This pack contains a variety of races and classes. Happy Adventuring!

20 Items Included in Happy Idiots - Set 1

Big Human Cleric

druid warlock wizard

Big Human Druid

druid staff wizard

Big Human Ranger

fighter ranger bow

Dwarf Cleric

staff cleric priest

Dwarf Paladin

paladin fighter dwarf

Elven Fighter

fighter sword

Elven Monk

druid monk elf

Elven Paladin

fighter shield sword

Gnome Bard

halfling bard gnome

Gnome Rogue

halfling gnome rogue

Gnome Sorcerer

halfling sorcerer monk

Half Orc Barbarian

halforc greatsword barbarian

Half Orc Fighter

hammer & shield paladin fighter

Large Human Barbarian

barbarian fighter axe

Large Human Fighter

sword & shield paladin fighter

Large Human Rogue

dagger rogue human

Large Human Wizard

sorcerer warlock wizard

Thin Human Sorceror

sorcerer warlock wizard

Thin Human Warlock

sorcerer warlock wizard

Weird Human Monk

staff monk human

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