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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Hot Springs & Crystal Cavern

Author: Angela Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

It may be freezing outside, but the water in this hot springs is quite warm. Probably no elementals lurking in it’s depths. And don’t worry, it won’t erupt or scald you or pull you under and drown you. Just relax and warm up :) Alt version is errupting.

ALSO: The cave is icy cold, and filled with ice crystals so reflective it feels like a house of mirrors. Every beam of light seeping in from above reflecting a thousand times until the very air shimmers. Snow drifts down cracks in the cave roof somewhere high above. A river runs through, freezing at the edges. Magic is thick in the air. Alt version is snowy

All of these are animated!

You can find all of my map packs here.

All maps are 40 x 30 gridless

May the dice be with you!
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Maps are available to download for offline use.

8 Items Included in Hot Springs & Crystal Cavern

Fire Crystal Cave (animated)

fire crystal animated

Ice Crystal Cave (animated)

ice crystal animated

Hot Springs (animated)

animated geyser hot springs

Hot Springs Erupting (animated)

animated geyser hot springs

Ice Crystal Cave

river cave ice

Fire Crystal Cave

lava cave crystal

Hot Springs Erupting

geyser hot springs erupting

Hot Springs

pool snowy hot springs

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