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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Elemental's Framed 010

Author: Elemental Flame

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Library of Variety

This is the tenth set in my Framed product line and the final art pack containing AI-generated images. This set consists of a further 100 portraits for your use, bringing the total number of framed portraits in the series to 1,000. These art packs were released with the intent to provide portraits similar in style to the default tokens pulled out of the compendium and dropped on to your VTT. My hope was that the generated art augmented your story-telling by giving your players an image to reference and remember when they play -- an image more memorable than the default tokens they have likely seen all too often before. If these portraits have failed in that regard then with luck the tips regarding Roll20 Mods have improved your gaming experience here on Roll20.

Enlarge. Every token in this set is designed to fit into a 1x1 square when you drop it onto the VTT but the resolution of the image allows you to increase the size to 3x3 before you would see a quality drop off. So don't be afraid to cast that enlarge spell!

Powerful Roll20 Features. These bordered portrait tokens are best used in rollable tables to create Multi-Sided Tokens. Multi-Sided Tokens allow you to have multiple pictures represent a single character sheet. When you pull your NPC onto the VTT you can right click on them and randomly choose a portrait from the rollable table. One NPC, such as a bandit, can appear in groups with each one looking different but still retaining the statistics of the NPC.

Taking Advantage of Mods. If you are a Pro User then you can leverage the skill of Roll20's talented community of scripters to make your task as a Dungeon/Game Master easier:
• Mods like The Aaron's TokenMod allow you to quickly assign a character sheet and stats to a token on your table.
Keith Curtis wrote the Faces script which has an intuitive user-interface that helps you build multi-sided tokens from uploaded art.

Using Mods like these unlocks the full potential of tokens like mine and other talented marketplace creators. Mix and match and take your game to the next level of immersion!

Note: When using Keith Curtis' Faces Mod you cannot use art assets dragged out from marketplace purchases. You must instead download the assets you want to use and upload them into the game.

Credit Where Credit is Due. These portraits are generated using the Artflow Platform with a Creative Commons license for commercial use. The token frames are licensed for commercial use from Heroic Roleplaying Press.

Disclaimer: This product contains assets that were generated with the aid of third-party creative software(s).

Want to use this art pack in your own published Roll20 module? The Creator of this Art Pack is open to discussing Commercial Licensing for an additional licensing fee. Please use the contact information found in their Creator Profile to inquire.

100 Items Included in Elemental's Framed 010

Framed - Aasimar 0002

glow celestial angelic

Framed - Dwarf 0018

red bearded beard

Framed - Dwarf 0019

dwarf brunette dwarven

Framed - Dwarf 0020

dwarf friendly inquisitive

Framed - Dwarf 0021

dwarf young beardless

Framed - Elf 0052

elf hair blue

Framed - Elf 0053

elf hair blue

Framed - Elf 0054

elf aquatic ai

Framed - Elf 0055

elf ai triton

Framed - Elf 0056

elf ocean ai

Framed - Elf 0057

elf water ai

Framed - Elf 0058

elf ai generated

Framed - Elf 0059

elf ai underwater

Framed - Elf 0060

elf sea aquatic

Framed - Elf 0061

elf bearded rare

Framed - Elf 0062

fae guardian treant

Framed - Elf 0063

elf man aggressive

Framed - Elf 0064

witch fae hag

Framed - Halfling 0028

blonde guy halfling

Framed - Halfling 0029

halfling happy joyous

Framed - Halfling 0030

halfling dude optimist

Framed - Human 0671

stern stare serious

Framed - Human 0672

stare glare severe

Framed - Human 0673

woman young brunette

Framed - Human 0674

professional smile meredith

Framed - Human 0675

smirk happy smile

Framed - Human 0676

straight serious faced

Framed - Human 0677

bearded guy serious

Framed - Human 0678

old bearded elder

Framed - Human 0679

glasses older spectacles

Framed - Human 0680

elderly old overjoyed

Framed - Human 0681

woman young surprise

Framed - Human 0682

scarf romani vistani

Framed - Human 0683

bald stern scruff

Framed - Human 0684

bald hairless nefarious

Framed - Human 0685

elder happy smiling

Framed - Human 0686

hair bearded long

Framed - Human 0687

woman tired depressed

Framed - Human 0688

elder mentor serious

Framed - Human 0689

bandit thug redbrand

Framed - Human 0690

grandma redbrand

Framed - Human 0691

girl pretty serious

Framed - Human 0692

scruffy smile slight

Framed - Human 0693

man arabian smiling

Framed - Human 0694

dreadlocks dread braid

Framed - Human 0695

leader portly confident

Framed - Human 0696

noble woman jeweled

Framed - Human 0697

woman beautiful smile

Framed - Human 0698

tan tanned handsome

Framed - Human 0699

pale stare glare

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