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Elemental's Framed 006

Author: Elemental Flame

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Isn't it time you mix things up?

Are you tired of every enemy looking the same with only a colored marker in the top corner to tell them apart? You'd probably love to give every thug ambushing your players on the road a unique look but who has the time? Running a game is a big enough undertaking. Let me spend the time you don't have to do the tedious part. This set includes one-hundred AI-generated portraits to add to your library. Plug them into a roll table to create multi-sided tokens for future use or simply drag the token on to your VTT and use a Mod (API) like TokenMod to assign the important stats and you're ready to go with a number of NPCs with individual appearances that will help immerse your players in your world.

Enlarge. Every token in this set is designed to fit into a 1x1 square when you drop it onto the VTT but the resolution of the image allows you to increase the size to 3x3 before you would see a quality drop off. So don't be afraid to cast that enlarge spell!

Credit Where Credit is Due. These portraits are generated using the Artflow Platform with a Creative Commons license for commercial use. The token frames are licensed for commercial use from Heroic Roleplaying Press.

Want to use this art pack in your own published Roll20 module? The Creator of this Art Pack is open to discussing Commercial Licensing for an additional licensing fee. Please use the contact information found in their Creator Profile to inquire.

100 Items Included in Elemental's Framed 006

Framed - Bugbear 0007

bald older shaved

Framed - Bugbear 0008

brutal hairy scowl

Framed - Dwarf 0012

dwarf battle weary

Framed - Dwarf 0013

dwarf elder grandfather

Framed - Elf 0031

warlock fae dark

Framed - Elf 0032

elf girl child

Framed - Elf 0033

fairy faerie faery

Framed - Elf 0034

wizard magic sorceress

Framed - Gnome 0012

gnome glasses artificer

Framed - Gnome 0013

gnome kid boy

Framed - Goblin 0005

goblin wise battled

Framed - Halfling 0014

brave hero halfling

Framed - Halfling 0015

wide eyed adventurous

Framed - Hobgoblin 0005

hobgoblin retired peaceful

Framed - Human 0368

nature druid native

Framed - Human 0369

scholar elder older

Framed - Human 0370

noble young brown

Framed - Human 0371

pretty smile smiling

Framed - Human 0372

portly serious sorrow

Framed - Human 0373

happy smiling joy

Framed - Human 0374

pirate mate swabby

Framed - Human 0375

soul stare into

Framed - Human 0376

tired exhausted rundown

Framed - Human 0377

sleeping resting asleep

Framed - Human 0378

middle age confident

Framed - Human 0379

young man shrewd

Framed - Human 0380

happy smile smiling

Framed - Human 0381

blonde bearded scruffy

Framed - Human 0382

thinking thinker shrewd

Framed - Human 0383

girl child sly

Framed - Human 0384

balding receding hairline

Framed - Human 0385

adventurer retired rugged

Framed - Human 0386

noble lord charming

Framed - Human 0387

noble lord distinguished

Framed - Human 0388

bandit guy tough

Framed - Human 0389

woman young fair

Framed - Human 0390

glasses sight spectacles

Framed - Human 0391

distant nonchalant uninterested

Framed - Human 0392

grumpy annoyed agitated

Framed - Human 0393

man serious concerned

Framed - Human 0394

blonde lady smiling

Framed - Human 0395

professional clean smart

Framed - Human 0396

hair long scruffy

Framed - Human 0397

beard scruff shaggy

Framed - Human 0398

glasses portly shrewd

Framed - Human 0399

gentleman older smirking

Framed - Human 0400

mustache thin moustache

Framed - Human 0401

warrior hair gray

Framed - Human 0402

scars stories compassion

Framed - Human 0403

sad depressed troubled

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