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Silverton Western Town

Author: RPG Fantasy Graphics $4.99

It's time to get back to the old west, nothing like gun slinging cowboys chasing the outlaws. Hangings and mining for gold or silver. Runaway wagons, or just down right robbing a bank. You can't get enough with the pre-built city, just slap down some blank desert tiles and build your own. Yeehawwww!

Here what you get:

The 40x40 Map Sections are labeled 1-4, the order is from left to right row 1, 1 and 2 row 2, 3 and 4.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email at C.kurz77@gmail.com.

50 Items Included in Silverton Western Town

20x20 Desert Mountain Side Blank

mountain sand desert

20x20 Desert Sand 1

western desert modern

20x20 Desert Sand 2

western desert map

20x20 Desert Sand 3

outskirts outlaw mountain

20x20 Desert Sand 4

western desert modern

40x40 Desert Blank Mod 1

track desert modern

40x40 Desert Blank Mod 2

sandy desert modern

40x40 Desert Blank Mod 3

urban mountain sand

40x40 Desert Blank Mod 4

outlaw western sand

40x40 Desert Town Blank 1

west western sand

40x40 Desert Town Blank 2

urban desert modern

40x40 Western City Mod 1

outlaw western modern

40x40 Western City Mod 2

town western city

40x40 Western City Mod 3

western village city

40x40 Western City Mod 4

wild west town western


bank western modern

Brown Horse

brown horse animal


cactus plant desert

Close Coffin Wooden Old Western

coffen western wood


doctors western building

Dried Brush

brush dead plant


grocery business modern


ammo guns western

Hanging Stand

hangman western hanging

Horse Brown Black Spots

black horse animal

Horse Light Brown

brown horse animal

Horse Post

western horse desert


saloon inn tavern

Jail House

cops sheriff prison

Joshua Tree

tree plant desert

Leaning Wagon Wheel

wheel wagon wood


saddle mount horse


undertaker saloon sheriff doctor urban jail guns town western home coffin bar building house gun fantasy tile modern


cop western building

Standard Building

outlaw western building

Town Sign

sign town western


coffin building dead

Wagon 2

western wagon modern

Wagon 3

carriage western modern

Wagon 4

carriage storage wagon

Wagon 5

carriage western cart

Wagon 6

western grain cart

Wagon 7

western cart token

Wagon 8

western cart token

Wagon 9

cart token modern

Wagon Wheel

wheel western wagon

Wagon and horse S-Left

wild west carriage western

Wagon and horse

wild west outlaw wagon


carriage cart wagon

Water Trough

western water

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