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Crypts of Evil

Author: Braythe RPG

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

List Price: $4.99
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Two crypts. Both hide a dangerous evil. Challenge your players with these dynamic battlemaps!

Players love crypts, and these one help set a really dark mood!

Crypts of Evil contains two locations: An infernal crypt and a poison crypt. The poison crypt shows elements of snakes and green dragons, and comes with an outside view.

Inside maps are fully prepared with dynamic lighting (Plus/Pro subscription necessary), outside comes with a day and a night version. You can import the maps as an addon to any game, populate the maps with enemies, and immediately send your players to explore these Crypts of Evil!

Contains: Game addon with three maps. The two maps inside the crypts are prepared with dynamic lighting. The outside of the poison crypt comes with a day and night version. To switch it, go to the map layer, right click and choose "To Back".

Infernal Crypt

A sinister crypt with a hidden portal. What kind of Evil hides here? Is this a place to summon a fiend, or enter hell itself?

Poison Crypt

Dragons, snakes and so much poison it erupts from the ground. Also, lots of treasure. But what hides in the tombs, and what's up with that dragon skeleton?

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