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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Theodosian Fortress Walls

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

This map consists of a grand set of fortress or city walls and the area immediately outside them, whether that be a city or rolling dunes. A moat and bridge separates the fortifications from the main city; the layout is inspired directly by the Theodosian Walls surrounding Constantinople (more recently, Instanbul (not Constantinople)).

It is recommended (and implied by the presence of stairs) that the second inner walls be higher than the external walls, as to provide a firing radius both on the exterior of the fortress as well as to target any intruders who make it onto the first wall.

This map comes with the following major variants:

Nighttime versions for everything are also included.

All variants are as follows:

All come with gridded and gridless versions.

32 Items Included in Theodosian Fortress Walls

Outer Theodosian Walls (34x22) (Clean) Night

fortress plains grasslands

Outer Theodosian Walls (34x22) (Clean)

road city walls

Outer Theodosian Walls (34x22) (Square)

fortress road city

Outer Theodosian Walls (34x22) (Square) Night

castle siege exterior

Theodosian Walls (34x22) (Clean)

city greece byzantium

Theodosian Walls (34x22) (Clean) Night

rome greek italian

Theodosian Walls (34x22) (Square) Night

roman venice italy

Theodosian Walls (34x22) (Square)

fortress venetian venice

Desert Walls (34x22) (Clean) Night

bridge moat canal

Desert Walls (34x22) (Clean)

desert dunes arabia

Desert Walls (34x22) (Square) Night

fortress arabian arabia

Desert Walls (34x22) (Square)

desert river moat

The Plague (34x22) (Clean)

disease plague illness

The Plague (34x22) (Square) Night

undead possessed sickness

The Plague (34x22) (Square)

city plague diseased

Plague Without Arch (34x22) (Clean) Night

streets street plaza

Plague Without Arch (34x22) (Clean)

streets plaza palace

Plaza Without Arch (34x22) (Clean) Night

clearing plaza palace

Plaza Without Arch (34x22) (Clean)

city village town

Plague Without Arch (34x22) (Square) Night

town plague infestation

Plague Without Arch (34x22) (Square)

infection collapse anarchy

Plaza Without Arch (34x22) (Square) Night

fortress sewer plaza

Plaza Without Arch (34x22) (Square)

castle fortress city

Sea Fortress (34x22) (Clean) Night

water sea ocean

Sea Fortress (34x22) (Clean)

water sea ocean

Sea Fortress (34x22) (Square) Night

river lake seafort

Sea Fortress (34x22) (Square)

lake island fortress

Desert Fortress w o water (34x22) (Clean) Night

desert dry moat

Desert Fortress w o water (34x22) (Clean)

desert castle moat

Desert Fortress w o water (34x22) (Square) Night

desert castle moat

Desert Fortress w o water (34x22) (Square)

desert castle fortress

The Plague (34x22) (Clean) Night

disease plague infection

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