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Darkwoulfe's Token Pack Vol8 - Heroes and Villains

Author: Riley Owens $4.99 USD

This token pack consist of 25 uniquely designed, 3D rendered tokens, depicting both heroes (Elves - Battle Wizard, Bard, Pirate, Huntress, Gnome Wizard, Gymnast, Cloaked Rogue, Knight, Dragonborn Healer, Axe Knight and an Apocalyptic Cleric) and villains/monsters (Old Firsts - Crossbowman, Priest, Slaver, Sorceress and Merchant, Mushroom Spearman and Warrior, Pech Pickaxeman and earth molder, Deepdark Bearmen and an Under Hulk). These tokens are suitable for use with any fantasy roleplaying ruleset. Feedback is always appreciated!

25 Items Included in Darkwoulfe's Token Pack Vol8 - Heroes and Villains

Apocalypse Cleric

anti platemail plate skull paladin heavy fighter shield mace knight armor fantasy token

Axe Knight

platemail battleaxe cape plate battle fantsy cloak paladin fighter shield axe knight armor fantasy token

Cloaked Rogue

hood arts hand martial cloak rogue fantasy token

Deepdark Bear Man Attacker

primitive bone bear underground white man cave club axe weapon stone fantasy token

Deepdark Bear Man Warrior

primitive bone bear underground white man cave club axe weapon stone fantasy token

Dragonborn Healer

dragonian symbol robes dragonborn tokens red horns staff dragon fantasy token

Elven Bard

wield dual swords high leather elven bard rogue sword elf fantasy token

Elven Battle Wizard

wand fur sorceror high elven caster warlock elf wizard fantasy token

Elven Huntress

high leather elven wood fighter spear ranger elf fantasy token

Elven Pirate

orange high leather elven fighter pirate crossbow ranger elf fantasy token

Gnome Wizard

pipe wand sorceror caster gnome warlock wizard fantasy token


acrobat afro bo fur pole thief staff fantasy token

Knight with Shield

platemail cape plate fantsy cloak red paladin fighter shield knight armor fantasy token

Mushroom Spearman

spearman mushroom fighter spear fantasy token

Mushroom Warrior

swordsman mushroom fighter shield sword fantasy token

Northern Cleric

helmet chain armored leather paladin cleric fighter shield mace dwarf fantasy token

Old First Crossbowman

toa fish ancient underground man crossbow fantasy token

Old First Merchant

fish keeper ancient inn merchant underground man fantasy token

Old First Preist

hood fish ancient underground man staff priest fantasy token

Old First Slaver

slaver catcher shell fish mancatcher ancient underground man shield fantasy token

Old First Sorceress

headdress fish ancient sorceress underground man witch caster fantasy token

Old First Spearman

spearman fish ancient underground man fighter fantasy token

Pech earth molding

pech pickaxe pick underground fantasy token

Pech with Pick

pech pickaxe pick underground fantasy token

Under Hulk

umber four eyes hulk under insect beast underground fantasy token

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